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OneLastCigarette: i want you to start listening to the new cursive record
OneLastCigarette: happy hollow
JCP001: is that the one you said was awesome?
OneLastCigarette: no
OneLastCigarette: thats the last one, the ugly organ
JCP001: so it’s rotten?
OneLastCigarette: this is the one where he replaces cellos with horns
OneLastCigarette: its ok
JCP001: what did you think of that sspu record?
OneLastCigarette: its good
JCP001: it’s nothing surprisingly new but it’s definitely good for what it is
OneLastCigarette: watered down indie rock
OneLastCigarette: mmm
OneLastCigarette: sometimes the singer sounds like a girl, but in a very manly way.
JCP001: poppy, fuzz rock a la early jimmy eat world and smashing pumpkins
JCP001: maybe he sounds like a girl because sometimes the weird bassist girl sings
OneLastCigarette: no he sounds like a girl all on his own. when the girl sings with him it reminds me of The Anniversary. they made one good album, Designing a Nervous Breakdown and then made a giant bomb and broke up. the anniversary’s “layered vocals” were unique and at the time it was the only band with a girl singer i really liked
OneLastCigarette: besides alanis
OneLastCigarette: actually alanis came several years before, in the form of a jagged little pill
OneLastCigarette: female angst, mmm
JCP001: yeah, I guess he does sound like a scratchy voiced girl here and there
JCP001: They’ll probably get huge
OneLastCigarette: i dont think theyre gonna be as big of a deal as you say. i mean they got their modern rock radio on but…
JCP001: and kick out the keyboard player/ electronic noise-maker guy
OneLastCigarette: you leave him alone
OneLastCigarette: theyre not gonna kick him out just cause he looks old. he just went bald early. thats mad indie son.
OneLastCigarette: he jus’ needs a handlebar stache now.
JCP001: maybe they’ll just be a big indie band
OneLastCigarette: does that mean theyre only gonna have one record?
JCP001: no there’s an ep –which is good but not as good as the full length. dreamier and slower. yeah, they’re done. in 2016 they’ll have an anniversary show of its release. it’ll be awesome
OneLastCigarette: by then the can of corona w/ lime wedge will cost $37
JCP001: i think if i saw the album cover art without listening to them i’d think they were some lame hippy band
OneLastCigarette: looks like ELO or some shit
JCP001: At least they’re good live.
JCP001: they need more build-ups
OneLastCigarette: yeah i still have my commemorative cmj dkny key necklace.
OneLastCigarette: build ups to what jeff?
JCP001: to somethng huge(er). i know what you wanted me to say, jerk =/
JCP001: they do have some pretty big rock parts though. I’m officially saying this is on my list of best of 2006
OneLastCigarette: the guy had some pretty huge guitar moves. his movements made up for the bass girl’s stiffness.
JCP001: she was freaky and wasn’t used to singing while playing. or just playing live in general
JCP001: the drummer is also fun to watch. his cymbals are high
OneLastCigarette: every pic in camera phone is blurry cause they were rocking too hard for my 1.3 mexapixels.
JCP001: my phone’s video setting sucks. sounds like the singer is speaking in tongues
OneLastCigarette: i know, its horrible.
JCP001: i’ll try to post the 10-15 seconds of the sspu show i got later on to prove my point.
OneLastCigarette: i would say that ill post the pics fro my phone, but i never will.
OneLastCigarette: i kind of lose interest around track 8 but if i really put myself into it its a solid album.
OneLastCigarette: slow moving but entertaining.
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OneLastCigarette: is there anything coming out soon that you know of
JCP001: I dunno. IS there anything coming out?
OneLastCigarette: theres an alkaline trio b-sides album coming out – ‘remains’
JCP001: 7″ b-sides?
OneLastCigarette: all b-sides
JCP001: hmm okay
OneLastCigarette: singles, 7″, etc
OneLastCigarette: theres a track list somewhere…
JCP001: when is that?
OneLastCigarette: one sec
OneLastCigarette: Tracklisting

“Hell Yes”
“My Standard Break From Life”
“Dead End Road”
“Jaked on Green Beers”
“Queen of Pain”
“While You’re Waiting”
“Old School Reasons”
“Fine Without You”
“Hating Every Minute”
“Dead and Broken”
“If You Had a Bad Time”
“Wait for the Blackout”
“We Can Never Break Up”
“Don’t Say You Won’t”
“Dethbed (Live)”
“My Standard Break From Life (Live Acoustic)”
“I’m Dying Tomorrow (Live)”

OneLastCigarette: january
OneLastCigarette: theres only one song ive never heard. dead end road
JCP001: why sadie again?
JCP001: lame
OneLastCigarette: byo records version
OneLastCigarette: it has the original audio instead of the rehearsed girl talking
OneLastCigarette: i didnt like the new one, but i was already used to the old one. its from the split with one man army which has other good songs if you dont have it
OneLastCigarette: none of the good songs are by one many army though…
JCP001: i have it. wait for the black out
JCP001: dead and broken, hating every minute
JCP001: they’re okay songs
OneLastCigarette: its good for what it is, i just like that they have good side-matter or whatever you wanna call it
JCP001: well, we just reviewed it. Why wait for a compilation of b-sides we’ve mostly already heard? Only Akaline Trio fans are buying it. Why buy a b-sides cd without knowing the band?
OneLastCigarette: i was thinking thats what we were doing but i didnt wanna interrupt the flow of our witty banter. this is a fans only affair, i agree.
JCP001: oh wait, I just checked the vagrant site. it’s a CD/DVD which I guess makes more sense. Is it me or is there always some whack senses fail flash intro on the vagrant site?
OneLastCigarette: the only thing i’m looking forward to is hopefully some sort of sound restoration/improvement and a gory picture for my desktop
OneLastCigarette: its just you, cause nobody else goes there. vagrant lost alkaline trio, who do they have thats still relevant?
JCP001: who’d they lose them to?
OneLastCigarette: v2 records
OneLastCigarette: the name that sticks out from the laundry list of talent is the blood brothers
JCP001: I think people like Senses Fail. I don’t, but other people do. Big upswing for A3.
OneLastCigarette: theyve paid their dues, they deserve a mid-prestige record deal. senses fail put out this ep that was like maybe two stars, if that and then they just went down hill from there. i never liked them, i dont know. there was a big controversy over them switching to vagrant, from its arch nemesis drivethru
JCP001: Vagrants got some decent acts
OneLastCigarette: let me check, i havent heard anything from them in like years. whens another year on the streets volume 346 come out?
OneLastCigarette: nobody in the lemonheads o.d.’d yet?
JCP001: evan dando just put out a new lemonheads record with bill stevenson and karl alvarez from descendents/ALL playing drums and bass
OneLastCigarette: they have this thing about signing washups, like paul westerberg
OneLastCigarette: i forgot about them aquiring EELS
OneLastCigarette: thats a good band.
JCP001: and they just did that lemonheads record
JCP001: from what i understand dando deflowered bijou phillips. He gets points for that.
OneLastCigarette: like fifty
OneLastCigarette: oh man face to face…i went to their last show ever and everyone left after midtown and the movielife, it was depressing.
JCP001: Aww. poor face to face
OneLastCigarette: this ‘Biology‘ is the side project from the androgeonous drumming singer from from autumn to ashes. he felt he couldnt express how much he really sucks from the back of the stage.
OneLastCigarette: i think he should keep the headset a la madonna, maybe he can sing lead and drum like the moron from the foo fighters
JCP001: The dude from Jellyfish plays drums and sings
OneLastCigarette: no, he has a side project, the douche
JCP001: what?
OneLastCigarette: he drums and sings and hes in the front. they were on conan, the whole thing is bizarre
OneLastCigarette: um, his name, i cant remember it, the foo fighters drummer has a band like i just described
JCP001: haha
OneLastCigarette: travis barker…or something
OneLastCigarette: oh wait, hes in every other band in the world.
OneLastCigarette: taylor hawkins, a fake name too gay to be fake.
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JCP001: So I’ve been into that new brand new rec.
OneLastCigarette: i was just listening to it
OneLastCigarette: i got it yesterday
JCP001: not bad so far
OneLastCigarette: its good. they played a lot of these songs at the show and they were great so i kind of knew it would be good at least
OneLastCigarette: when a band can make up like half of their headlining set with brand new never heard before songs you know they got somehting
JCP001: they fucking better have had new material. it has been 3 years or so
OneLastCigarette: mad long
JCP001: son
JCP001: not so typical emo-crap
OneLastCigarette: yeah they kind of turn their nose up at the whole scene thing
OneLastCigarette: its what makes them interesting sometimes
OneLastCigarette: the latest rx bandits album is really good. have you heard that?
OneLastCigarette: “…and the battle begun.”
JCP001: not yet
JCP001: what’s the big single off this brand new rec?
OneLastCigarette: track 1 “sowing season (yeah)
OneLastCigarette: huge
OneLastCigarette: i think “degausser” may be next. they play it at shows and its huge-ish
JCP001: crowd of kids backup vox
OneLastCigarette: backup huge-ness
OneLastCigarette: they really nailed that slow/heavy/slow/heavy thing
JCP001: layered vocals
OneLastCigarette: its great cause theyre all his vocals…
OneLastCigarette: no second banana cry baby with a bottle of lemon juice.
JCP001: “you won’t know” is pretty huge
OneLastCigarette: hold on, now i have to plug in my ipod and finish my second listen.
OneLastCigarette: i remember its ginormity from last night though, i skimmed later on for the gems.
OneLastCigarette: (thats you wont know)
OneLastCigarette: im in the middle of “limousine.” its up next.
OneLastCigarette: for the album preorders kids were “reporting in” to various virgin laden message boards about how they were pissed because they ask you to send a dollar donation to some address for a lyrics sheet.
JCP001: that’s lame. find them online, losers.
OneLastCigarette: hes not too hard to make out anyway.
OneLastCigarette: yeah, they played this live. (you wont know). it was a big deal.
JCP001: sounds like a big deal.
OneLastCigarette: when they played “soco amaretto lime,” instead of ‘youre just jealous cause we’re young and in love’ he sings; ‘we’re just jealous cause youre young and in love.’ its fun to watch a band get old sometimes, if theyre real about it.
OneLastCigarette: not that theyre old, but that first record was written by teenagers
JCP001: yeah, that record’s not so hot. I’d have loved it if I were 21, no offense
OneLastCigarette: i was 18 or 19. none taken. it was perfect for then.
OneLastCigarette: for my young angst.
OneLastCigarette: i cant wait for lacey’s dissapointing jets to brazilesque later-life projects.
JCP001: Experimental and crappy. Lots of cellos
OneLastCigarette: “Archers” is your late record wake-up apparently
OneLastCigarette: foot tapness
JCP001: let’s check that action
JCP001: did you ever get that silversun pickups rec?
OneLastCigarette: no i forgot.
OneLastCigarette: the feedback at the end makes it
JCP001: the feedback at the end grates my nerves.
JCP001: it’s poppy and good (“archers”). prolly talking about mouth raping his ex.
OneLastCigarette: yeah, the whole over the top violence/romance lyric thing is definitely influenced by saves the day.
JCP001: i love gapless play
OneLastCigarette: gapless play is like sex with no condom
OneLastCigarette: it all makes sense now. you need it nowadays where every record is an 84 minute song.
JCP001: that’s just the Mars Volta
OneLastCigarette: elia!
JCP001: i really could do without the 20 minute, trippy jam sessions
OneLastCigarette: well if we were all on lsd like them it would be fine.
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