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JCP001: okay
OneLastCigarette: im baking brownies.
JCP001: faggot
OneLastCigarette: im in bloc party mode
OneLastCigarette: we can’t put that word you just said on the site.
JCP001: how about gaylord?
OneLastCigarette: sally or something
JCP001: nancy boy
OneLastCigarette: non-discriminitory
OneLastCigarette: good
JCP001: we’re not being discriminatory dicks anymore? That’s what happens when you start baking brownies in your free time
OneLastCigarette: i think fruit is better
JCP001: i’ll *** out the word
OneLastCigarette: so my itunes play counts for this shit are like 6, 7, 8’s. some of those i was asleep for.
OneLastCigarette: the guy from grey’s anatomy dude. it’s bad pr
OneLastCigarette: ask your girlfriend.
JCP001: plus the guy from bloc party is gay
OneLastCigarette: i was giving him the benefit of the doubt on that.
JCP001: not like it matters.
OneLastCigarette: not that there’s anything wrong with that…
JCP001: not at all
OneLastCigarette: i have to say this one is not as good as silent alarm
JCP001: it’s not but there are some good songs on this record
OneLastCigarette: i really like the song uniform. i love the build-up
JCP001: tracks 1-5 are all good.
JCP001: that song “on” and it’s awful chorus “you make my tongue loose” is just… awful
JCP001: it makes my bowels loose
OneLastCigarette: yeah the end is a serious dragging zone.
OneLastCigarette: hunting for witches, uniform, the prayer are all good. they should stick to pop rock.
OneLastCigarette: he’s like “radio head…?” and im like “no”.
JCP001: listen to sunday. “I’ll love you in the morning, when you’re still hungover, i’ll love you in the morning when you’re still strung out” what the fuck??
OneLastCigarette: i know. it was a chore to listen to this enough times to tear it down, and don’t think i’m gonna let that work go unrewarded.
JCP001: this album just suffers from occasional bad lyrics
OneLastCigarette: but im not saying it’s a bad album. this is a solid album with a few glaring flaws.
JCP001: it’s a shame because the melodies are all still good
OneLastCigarette: yeah.
OneLastCigarette: “i will dazzle them with my wind”
OneLastCigarette: ok.
OneLastCigarette: nice wind bro.
JCP001: i think he says “wit”. “I still remember” is the single. it’s so-so
JCP001: the record is solid though. we’re seeing them in march which should be a hoot
OneLastCigarette: yeah just make sure you shout “play the old shit!”
JCP001: can you play helicopter for an hour?
OneLastCigarette: they can tour on these songs in two records or so, they have to baste a little.
OneLastCigarette: in five years we’ll post a retraction review apologizing to the people.
JCP001: really
OneLastCigarette: if the singer dies, they’ll be inducted into the rock n’ roll hall of fame. we’ll buy t-shirts to commemorate the event.
JCP001: maybe they’ll make a remix album for this record too
OneLastCigarette: so this is just a case of bad arrangement i guess. the first half of the record is adversely different and better than the second half.
OneLastCigarette: i think the remix album will be better than the actual release. that’s my prediction. no death from above remix this time though.
JCP001: totally bad track arrangement
JCP001: i just think it’s funny that they actually did that
JCP001: who does that anymore? not even the cure
OneLastCigarette: it was good though. that shit is hit or miss.
OneLastCigarette: puff daddy
OneLastCigarette: he invented the remix bro.
JCP001: whatever. he doesn’t even have any decent acts on his label. he’s remixing Biggie songs
OneLastCigarette: he had that group that was in a plane crash. i bet they sold an assload of records that day.
JCP001: what– those girls?
OneLastCigarette: (make plane crash a link)
JCP001: danity kane?
OneLastCigarette: yeah. i forgot the name of the group.
OneLastCigarette: yeah. i never heard their songs.
OneLastCigarette: (i cant think of any jokes either)
JCP001: i’m trying to look it up
JCP001: the black girl on the right needs her kneecap photoshopped back in
JCP001: her knee is just a dark smudge
JCP001: they weren’t in a plane crash
OneLastCigarette: are those the rags they wore in the mountains to survive after the crash?
OneLastCigarette: oh
OneLastCigarette: then make sure you take that out haha
JCP001: like destiny’s child “survivor”
OneLastCigarette: is that 2 black, 2 white, and one hispanic?
OneLastCigarette: sick racially equal coincidence dude.
JCP001: latina. pc dude
OneLastCigarette: i bet the blonde on the left is a jew and the one on the right is a dyke
JCP001: that girl second from the right? i think she’s italian
OneLastCigarette: cause we wont say f*****, but we’re still not pc.
JCP001: but we’ll say dyke?
OneLastCigarette: bring em’ on.
OneLastCigarette: i aint afraid of no dykes.
OneLastCigarette: i love in the life aquatic where he keeps calling the pregnant reporter a bull dyke.
JCP001: come to the slope and say that. some girl with a flat top will flatten you
OneLastCigarette: some brute in a tit-girtle will never scare me.
OneLastCigarette: ANYWAY, the album is good, but unfortunately not good enough for me. the last album was better. i’m not even gonna say sophomore slump, but they definitely teetered on the edge of that shit. better luck next time.
JCP001: I’ll grudgingly give it 4 “stars”. whack lyric writing takes point off
OneLastCigarette: you’re too nice. i rated each song and averaged out 3.2
OneLastCigarette: 3 hands. and they should send me a thank you letter.
JCP001: i was just thinking 3 actually.
JCP001: i only play half the album
OneLastCigarette: well, don’t let me influence your shitty decision.
JCP001: you’re not
OneLastCigarette: aight.
OneLastCigarette: dont tell me youre gonna put this up without the header. ill shit
OneLastCigarette: so what ever did happen to danity kane?
OneLastCigarette: i didn’t read it.
JCP001: nothing I don’t think
OneLastCigarette: why do i know who they are?
JCP001: still putting out crappy music as far as i can tell
OneLastCigarette: well, here it is on another wordpress blog
OneLastCigarette: Danity Kane in car crash last night.
JCP001: if i edit out faggot i’ll have to take out that fun back and forth
OneLastCigarette: leave it with stars.
OneLastCigarette: i’ve had gay people spaz on me.
OneLastCigarette: i dont actually care.
OneLastCigarette: do whatever feels right
OneLastCigarette: leave it
OneLastCigarette: the whole word
OneLastCigarette: fuck everyone
OneLastCigarette: i baked brownies, i knew what i was getting into.
JCP001: it stays
OneLastCigarette: sorry, i was greasing my pan.. are we done?
JCP001:3stars.jpg OneLastCigarette:3stars.jpg



This limited edition 7″ was given away at a show Alkaline Trio and the Smoking Popes played in Chicago on New Years Eve. Alkaline Trio has their song, “Off My Mind”, available for download on their myspace page.

OneLastCigarette: did you get a chance to listen to the alkaline trio/smoking popes 7″?
JCP001: yes
JCP001: one sec
JCP001: it’s good. i like the smoking pope’s version of that song better than the original.
JCP001: something kind of “off” in the alk trio version, y’know?
OneLastCigarette: that entire album(good mourning) has something wrong with it. the production is really out of whack. the bass is naturally too high. its static-y at some parts.
OneLastCigarette: some say it’s their worst album.
JCP001: i kind of agree
JCP001: it took A LOT of listens to like some of those songs
OneLastCigarette: it has it’s moments.
OneLastCigarette: did you notice the newly hatched irony in the line about all his favorite singers stealing all of his best lines?
JCP001: i like that the bassist and not Skiba sang the smoking popes cover
OneLastCigarette: i guess it made more sense. it would have been cooler if they did more songs, like they did with hot water music.
JCP001: true. especially since the popes are a chicago band that they profess love for.
OneLastCigarette: my theory on that is this: i’ve been hearing matt skiba talk about how he loves them in interviews for years and im sure they have too, but i doubt they ever gave a fuck until they decided to have a reunion tour. by then alkaline trio was too popular, and all they got was bayside for support.
JCP001: i remember the smoking popes from years ago. they had some big alternative hit, sounded like a smith’s song. people loved them
OneLastCigarette: i hear they were on the clueless movie sountrack
OneLastCigarette: i actually just got their stuff recently (smoking popes). its actually because he talked about them so much, then the reunion.
OneLastCigarette: i think alkaline trio is way better…
JCP001: smoking popes are softer, so not the same genre
OneLastCigarette: by sheer volume of relevant work, if nothing else.
OneLastCigarette: three-piece, three chords, fucked up lyrics, bald dudes. close enough.
JCP001: I think the popes got enough nostalgia factor going that people still like them a lot. I mean they’re not bad by any means but when they got back together people seemed to appreciated them more or their music or some crap. They were a band when I was in HS
OneLastCigarette: cred.
JCP001: Victory records put out a live album. they’re all about dudes in hoodies with skulls on them
JCP001: and beards
JCP001: and skull tattoos
JCP001: anyway, the 7″ is good if you have a turntable to listen to it.
JCP001: and you like the bands
OneLastCigarette: i hate victory records. brings to mind kids in girls jeans with an entire bottle of elmers in their hair.
JCP001: girls in pirate shirts
JCP001: with betty page tats
OneLastCigarette: fat dudes in eyeliner.
OneLastCigarette: like that band aiden. they’re on victory.
OneLastCigarette: or that band atreyu. they were on victory too. big jock dudes in eyeliner.
JCP001: ooh yeah. i’m looking at them now. takes some time to make yourself look that stupid
OneLastCigarette: i think this release was a great idea but the replay value is pretty low. my sheer fanboyness pushes me toward a higher rating but i give it like a three.
OneLastCigarette: and i want a new alkaline trio album before any other treats.
JCP001: i agree. this is what bands do between albums.
OneLastCigarette: god forbid they record an album or something.
JCP001: they may need satan’s blessing before they do
OneLastCigarette: they’ve had four members and around the same number of successful releases. maybe they’re out of souls.
JCP001: 3stars.jpg OneLastCigarette: 3stars.jpg


This is a “Guest Review” I did with my buddy Vin. They’ll happen from time to time. Guest reviews be noted as such in the category under the post title. – Jeff

ioiiiioi: new lifetime record..u like?
JCP001: haven’t heard it
JCP001: is the whole thing out?
ioiiiioi: not yet
ioiiiioi: i fucking love it
JCP001: really? huh
ioiiiioi: yeah. i do
ioiiiioi: like wood elves”’
ioiiiioi: lol
ioiiiioi: lmao
JCP001: I have moments
ioiiiioi: Punk Rock Millionaires with coke up their nose
Writing records in designer homes
ioiiiioi: one of the lyrics
JCP001: nice
ioiiiioi: out of all of the “reunion” emo scene these days
ioiiiioi: IMO
ioiiiioi: the only band that had progressed
ioiiiioi: = lifetime
JCP001: hm
ioiiiioi: not jsut playing old songs for a few bucks
ioiiiioi: but..hey..
ioiiiioi: we still got it
JCP001: true dat
ioiiiioi: we got tix for the bowery
ioiiiioi: 2/10/07
ioiiiioi: hammerstien was 35 bucks
ioiiiioi: = fuck that
JCP001: I mean, do you REALLY want to see them with fallout boy and nfg?
ioiiiioi: nope not @ all
JCP001: i’d kill a kid
ioiiiioi: haha. tru
ioiiiioi: they are also throwing an OLD school show
ioiiiioi: @ middlesex college for 5 bucks
ioiiiioi: but not sure when
JCP001: christine beaton just creamed her panties
ioiiiioi: lol
ioiiiioi: u like?
JCP001: sounds like lifetime
ioiiiioi: yup
JCP001: the songs are good. still can’t understand a fucking word ari says
ioiiiioi: haha. i kno
ioiiiioi: i like em
ioiiiioi: sounds like lifetime
ioiiiioi: but something there
ioiiiioi: that gives it a fresh sound
JCP001: i don’t dislike them
ioiiiioi: i’m thinking back now
ioiiiioi: were u ever into lifetime?
ioiiiioi: i was kinds 70-30
ioiiiioi: back in the day
ioiiiioi: kinda
ioiiiioi: but over time they grew on me
ioiiiioi: then the new tunes hit
JCP001: yeah i was but i never got the mania they induced
ioiiiioi: /same
ioiiiioi: @ the time i could name a dozen better “Punk” bands
JCP001: i’d be pissed that they’d put out 12 songs that clocked in at under 23 minutes even though i never actually bought the records
ioiiiioi: now that’s a negative ink quote!
ioiiiioi: Lifetime = New record
ioiiiioi: i cannot believe i spent 12 bucks for a record that is 12 minutes long
ioiiiioi: their myspace has alot of trafffic
ioiiiioi: well traffic for the mini HC emo scene
ioiiiioi: it’s not chemical romance
ioiiiioi: but u know
JCP001: they were more of a regional band
ioiiiioi: yupp
ioiiiioi: doing the bon jovi jersey thing
JCP001: exactly. people in ca are like “who?”
JCP001: 3stars.jpg ioiiiioi: 5stars.jpg

JCP001: we need to do a new post soon. 2006 review thing
JCP001: i think there’s like 2 records i liked this year
onelastcigarette: can we have it that short cause im feeling the same way
JCP001: what records?
onelastcigarette: i dont even know
onelastcigarette: brand new, um
onelastcigarette: i liked the new decemberists album
JCP001: yeah, i still need to get that
onelastcigarette: the album the game put out was pretty sick but was still shitty and dissapointing compared to the other recrd
JCP001: the decemberists guitarist did a guitar duel on the colbert report
onelastcigarette: theyre supposedly a bunch of pathetic retards who dress up like the civil war and think theyre cool
JCP001: didn’t hear that either
JCP001: the decemberists?
JCP001: yeah. i wasn’t big on their last record
onelastcigarette: yeah
onelastcigarette: neither was I
JCP001: they’re like wood elves
JCP001: TV on the radio is on my list though.
onelastcigarette: oh right. i didnt listen to their record much but the song they did on conan sounded excellent [I was planning on linking this to the performance I found on YouTube a few days ago, but it looks like NBC had it taken down. It was pretty excellent, by the way.-JP001]
onelastcigarette: he seemed psyched too
JCP001: probably wolf like me
JCP001: but yeah, the record is good
JCP001: hopefully 2007 won’t be a weak year.
JCP001: oh i liked the sspu record and the radiohe– i mean thom yorke one too
onelastcigarette: i liked a couple of other tings that i dont even feel like mentioning
onelastcigarette: i dont even feel like we liked enough watered down shitty music to make a year in review
JCP001: true. speaking of shitty music, i want to listen to that gwen stefani record. i know it will suck but i want to. like a moth drawn to a flame covered turd.
JCP001: that was the gayest thing i’ve said all year. kill me.
onelastcigarette: i have nothing to add to that.
JCP001: y’know, i rediscovered a lot of old bands i liked in the past this year than listened to new shit
onelastcigarette: me too
onelastcigarette: thats all there was to do
onelastcigarette: i give 2006 2 pointing fingers
JCP001: me too
onelastcigarette: bye
JCP001: later
JCP001:2stars.jpg OneLastCigarette:2stars.jpg