This is a “Guest Review” I did with my buddy Vin. They’ll happen from time to time. Guest reviews be noted as such in the category under the post title. – Jeff

ioiiiioi: new lifetime record..u like?
JCP001: haven’t heard it
JCP001: is the whole thing out?
ioiiiioi: not yet
ioiiiioi: i fucking love it
JCP001: really? huh
ioiiiioi: yeah. i do
ioiiiioi: like wood elves”’
ioiiiioi: lol
ioiiiioi: lmao
JCP001: I have moments
ioiiiioi: Punk Rock Millionaires with coke up their nose
Writing records in designer homes
ioiiiioi: one of the lyrics
JCP001: nice
ioiiiioi: out of all of the “reunion” emo scene these days
ioiiiioi: IMO
ioiiiioi: the only band that had progressed
ioiiiioi: = lifetime
JCP001: hm
ioiiiioi: not jsut playing old songs for a few bucks
ioiiiioi: but..hey..
ioiiiioi: we still got it
JCP001: true dat
ioiiiioi: we got tix for the bowery
ioiiiioi: 2/10/07
ioiiiioi: hammerstien was 35 bucks
ioiiiioi: = fuck that
JCP001: I mean, do you REALLY want to see them with fallout boy and nfg?
ioiiiioi: nope not @ all
JCP001: i’d kill a kid
ioiiiioi: haha. tru
ioiiiioi: they are also throwing an OLD school show
ioiiiioi: @ middlesex college for 5 bucks
ioiiiioi: but not sure when
JCP001: christine beaton just creamed her panties
ioiiiioi: lol
ioiiiioi: u like?
JCP001: sounds like lifetime
ioiiiioi: yup
JCP001: the songs are good. still can’t understand a fucking word ari says
ioiiiioi: haha. i kno
ioiiiioi: i like em
ioiiiioi: sounds like lifetime
ioiiiioi: but something there
ioiiiioi: that gives it a fresh sound
JCP001: i don’t dislike them
ioiiiioi: i’m thinking back now
ioiiiioi: were u ever into lifetime?
ioiiiioi: i was kinds 70-30
ioiiiioi: back in the day
ioiiiioi: kinda
ioiiiioi: but over time they grew on me
ioiiiioi: then the new tunes hit
JCP001: yeah i was but i never got the mania they induced
ioiiiioi: /same
ioiiiioi: @ the time i could name a dozen better “Punk” bands
JCP001: i’d be pissed that they’d put out 12 songs that clocked in at under 23 minutes even though i never actually bought the records
ioiiiioi: now that’s a negative ink quote!
ioiiiioi: Lifetime = New record
ioiiiioi: i cannot believe i spent 12 bucks for a record that is 12 minutes long
ioiiiioi: their myspace has alot of trafffic
ioiiiioi: well traffic for the mini HC emo scene
ioiiiioi: it’s not chemical romance
ioiiiioi: but u know
JCP001: they were more of a regional band
ioiiiioi: yupp
ioiiiioi: doing the bon jovi jersey thing
JCP001: exactly. people in ca are like “who?”
JCP001: 3stars.jpg ioiiiioi: 5stars.jpg