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JCP001: i’m gonna listen to this record while i work
OneLastCigarette: i just finished 2nd 3rdish time
JCP001: so SLSS is described as “progressive indie rock”
JCP001: it totally reminds of a band I forget the name of
OneLastCigarette: mewithoutyou?
OneLastCigarette: i think that genre label fits them mostly
JCP001: no. something I’ve heard years ago
OneLastCigarette: i dunno
JCP001: it’s like don cab with vocals
OneLastCigarette: whats that?
JCP001: don caballero
OneLastCigarette: am i supposed to know?
JCP001: notsomuch me without you. guy in this band has a better voice
JCP001: mwy vocals sound like his speaking voice only louder
OneLastCigarette: yeah i was just throwin’ it out there
OneLastCigarette: did you get the part where i said i dont know what don caballero is
JCP001: instrumental “math rock.” whatever the fuck that means. who coins these vague terms?
OneLastCigarette: yeah math rock, i hear that all the time
OneLastCigarette: the mars volta
OneLastCigarette: queens of the stone age
JCP001: it’s just rock with odd time signatures
OneLastCigarette: i never understood the term
JCP001: because they know how to play
OneLastCigarette: yeah i like the music a lot
OneLastCigarette: i dont know what a time signature is or anything technical like that about music
OneLastCigarette: i know like a cord a riff and shit like that
JCP001: fugazi does it too
JCP001: just a lot of complexity to the songs
OneLastCigarette: i can hear it though
OneLastCigarette: from one band to another
JCP001: these guys are good they know what they’re doing. they seem like young guys too
OneLastCigarette: yeah theyre a local AZ band
JCP001: i saw that
JCP001: dear dictator is good
OneLastCigarette: they look like clever chaps
OneLastCigarette: sick on substance has a lot going on too
JCP001: dudes with dreads can be tricky bastards
OneLastCigarette: i was gonna say something like that
OneLastCigarette: bohemians..
OneLastCigarette: yeah this song (dear dictator) is good
OneLastCigarette: the pianos at the beginning and the guitars and screaming at the end…the big part, then back down to the piano
JCP001: there’s some nice things going on on this record
OneLastCigarette: and it’s not perfect either. its just a good debut
JCP001: exactly. the songs are great for a few seconds then change. like musical ADD
OneLastCigarette: it took me a listen to get used to their all over the place shit
JCP001: their press on the label’s site says they “formed from the ashes of beyond analog” beyond analog looks like they only put out 5 song ep. I can’t find anything else. Vocalist sounds the same though
JCP001: i might be wrong about the ep part.
OneLastCigarette: this was actually a pretty lucky find. i was reading the news over at an article on how their trailer got stolen from outside their record release party, while they were on stage.
OneLastCigarette: and if their name wasnt what it is, i probably wouldnt have persued it to be honest. i think its a great name.
JCP001: they (beyond analog) had something else other than the ep
OneLastCigarette: ill explore that later maybe, but im thinking its just them learning how to do this right here..
JCP001: that’s awesome yet sucks at the same time
OneLastCigarette: its a good story, i guess..
OneLastCigarette: im thinking theyll have some balding a & r dude bait them with a tour bus in six months to a year. im not shedding any tears for these boys.
JCP001: it would be better if we find out that some tweeker ex stole it
OneLastCigarette: i really like the melody and the vocals in Sackcloth In Ashes
OneLastCigarette: im surprised you know about tweekers.
OneLastCigarette: whoever it was, they were probably on crystal meth
JCP001: yeah this guy can sing
OneLastCigarette: this song just keeps getting better
OneLastCigarette: long songs that keep your attention the whole time
OneLastCigarette: a rarely accomplished feat
JCP001: it’s not all chorus all the time
JCP001: yeah it’s big
OneLastCigarette: im tired of albums clocking in at under a half hour
OneLastCigarette: every five years
JCP001: it’s a gyp
OneLastCigarette: these guys have some of that modest mouse nuttiness to their style i think.
OneLastCigarette: crazy yet catchy
JCP001: organized chaos
OneLastCigarette: did we just coin another genre?
JCP001: sick on substance is a good example
OneLastCigarette: its like 23 different songs in one track
OneLastCigarette: and it all makes sense.
OneLastCigarette: i like this a hell of a lot more than that new nine inch nails single from the dirty toilet campaign
OneLastCigarette: what was that song called again?
JCP001: my violent heart
OneLastCigarette: my toilet heart
JCP001: my violent bowels. i thought it was only okay. trent should have found a stronger track to leak
OneLastCigarette: as long as he makes a video with him in war paint and his signature microphone, the kids will eat it the fuck up.
JCP001:you’re thinking of starfuckers inc. i don’t think trent does mock-felating… anymore. that’s marilyn manson. trent is down with tvotr
OneLastCigarette: this second to last track A Muted Moment. it’s slow but the pianos and echoed vocals carry it along.
JCP001: hold on. need coffee
JCP001: i think they can do a song like this without it being contrived or out of place.
OneLastCigarette: i like how the end of a muted moment and the beginning of truth of transition are the same, but different. and the wailing at the end of the record is cool too
JCP001: it’s a solid debut. let’s see in 3-5 years when a new record comes out
OneLastCigarette: yeah, i think they can definitely build up a cult following and make a pretty bad ass second record as long as their musical genius doesnt clash and cause their untimely demise as a band.
OneLastCigarette: you know we’ve seen that one plenty of times.
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OneLastCigarette: you ready or what
dnice: 5 minutes lenny
OneLastCigarette: arite
dnice: I’m ready
OneLastCigarette: ok i have this rant boiling in my head.
dnice: Let’s go
OneLastCigarette: i just dont know exactly how to articulate it…
dnice: The new Shins Album, Wincing the Night Away
OneLastCigarette: im so fucking tired of people rolling their eyes at certain bands and putting other band on a pedestal. this album, as hard as i tried, as bad as i wanted to love it…was just…ok
OneLastCigarette: i think i would have enjoyed it a lot more if people werent shitting their pants over it..
dnice: Putting this band on a pedestal?
OneLastCigarette: the shins, sufjan stevens, etc etc etc
OneLastCigarette: icons in the indie snob world
dnice: I don’t care what others perceive to be good or not and what others think doesn’t affect my opinion of music
dnice: I put my headphones on and listen- the true testament- listening on a shitty commute home
OneLastCigarette: me neither, but it affects what i say in a review. i almost feel like im not allowed to say its not that great.
OneLastCigarette: i just wanted to get that out of the way.
dnice: that’s weak
dnice: Maybe I’m just not surrounded by people that have a hard – on for the Shins and you are??
OneLastCigarette: it was more around the time of the last album. the kind of scene buzz that makes you hate something just because you heard the name too much. im not around anyone now
dnice: Anyway, since that is out of your system…
dnice: I like this record a whole hell of a lot more than Chutes Too Narrow
OneLastCigarette: i see this album is more of a supplement than a follow up
dnice: I thought that all of Chutes sounded the same.
dnice: like I could listen to that album and not realize a new song was starting…with every song
OneLastCigarette: i barely notice the new album. i had to stare at itunes and listen hard to rate these songs. every other time i tried casually, i fell asleep or forgot
dnice: this album has differentiation
OneLastCigarette: instead of expanding whatever formula makes them good, it almost seems like they folded it down and made it safer
dnice: You think so?
OneLastCigarette: i’ll give this album a five on the chill out music factor.
dnice: Oh, it’s definitely mellow gold in my opinion
dnice: I don’t think it’s safer at all. I almost feel like they are growing as a band and their sound is changing slightly which is good, because once a band stands still and doesn’t change is when they start to suck.
OneLastCigarette: im trying to get the album playing. one sec
OneLastCigarette: anyway, i made back up notes to my thoughts on the songs so i could remember. its like they handed me this album on an inspector gadget note and it disappears after its over.
dnice: Self destructing notes
OneLastCigarette: in my itunes info
OneLastCigarette: for example, track 01 – sleeping lessons – i had this to say: good song starts off slow. picks up at end.
dnice: I think that’s the point
dnice: a crescendo
dnice: you know?
dnice: Try waking up to that shit on your alarm clock- it works out perfectly. Thank you iHome.
dnice: My top songs off this album are: Sleeping Lessons, Phantom Limb, Sea Legs, Split Needles and A Comet Appears
OneLastCigarette: australia is the only song that got more than three stars from me…if i could remember anything about this album, i would tell you why.
OneLastCigarette: and in case anyone thinks i may be jumping to conclusions, i listened to this album 13 times.
OneLastCigarette: this is what yesterday lenny had to say about Track 02 Australia: good song. second track opener classic. sounds like 70 influenced vibe without being derivitive. one of the more energized songs on the album.
dnice: See, if there is any song on this album that reminds me of’s this song..
OneLastCigarette: well that fits right in to me saying that this album is at least one star less than the prev.
dnice: But I dig the banjos
dnice: I think that is a fair rating from you
OneLastCigarette: yeah, i did wanna mention the use of a lot of different instruments, some of which i couldnt name.
dnice: But what does that mean? How many fingers are you giving it?
OneLastCigarette: im nowhere near done
dnice: It’s not like they’re using a theremin in this album
dnice: or a balalaika
OneLastCigarette: phantom limb, sea legs, split needles. Are we going to ignore that this singer is Sunny Day fan #1?
OneLastCigarette: or a mandolin
dnice: It doesn’t sound like Sunny Day AT ALL
dnice: lyrically or musically
OneLastCigarette: those three songs have sunny day influence. i was prepared for some people not to hear it, and others to argue angrily, but i just hear it. in the vocals, in the echoes, in his 18 year old bedroom…with tablature. im not budging on this.
OneLastCigarette: jeremy enigk mojo
dnice: I don’t hear it all. Jeremy Enigk didn’t write shit like this:
with burnt sage and a forest of bygones,
i click my heels,
get the devils in line,
a list of things i could lay the blame on,
might give me a way out,
OneLastCigarette: not the words just the voice and the effects on the vox
dnice: Maybe Rising Tide. a little
dnice: but that’s it
OneLastCigarette: if it didnt come to my attention in three separate songs, i wouldn’t have mentioned it
OneLastCigarette: compromise. beautiful.
dnice: It certainly does not sound like early Sunny Day
OneLastCigarette: i have to put my horn rims on if we’re gonna get that analytical
dnice: At least the singer from the Shins can sing on key
OneLastCigarette: i hope jeremy doesnt read this…
OneLastCigarette: tough love! you hear that jeremy?
dnice: He’s gotten better. That was just what the early 90’s were about
dnice: and I liked Sunny Day so I’m not dissing here- just pointing out a truth
OneLastCigarette: yeah i can totally vouch for d having her finger on “the pulse” of the scene when i was a mere 14 years old.
OneLastCigarette: even if it was with a latex glove, at arms length…
dnice: His voice is more refined now.
OneLastCigarette: i think we’re done
dnice: You think?
OneLastCigarette: what more can we say
dnice: I give it a full five fingers. I dig this album
OneLastCigarette: fanboy
OneLastCigarette: see you in a little while
dnice: Whatever
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JCP001: what’s crackin’?
ioiiiioi: same. how bout yourself
JCP001: friggin’ busy
ioiiiioi: it’s good and it’s bad
ioiiiioi: good to have work, but
ioiiiioi: you know
ioiiiioi: takes away from my WoW time
ioiiiioi: hahah
9:30 PM
JCP001: and my FF time
ioiiiioi: seriously all this work, how am suppose to maintain my L33Tness
ioiiiioi: my guild needs me!!
ioiiiioi: haha
JCP001: they can kill boars without you (start watching this at about 3:40 minutes in)
ioiiiioi: so we need to makeup that get together
JCP001: this weekend maybe?
ioiiiioi: saturday night is lifetime
ioiiiioi: but sure. we can try to get together for sure
JCP001: been priming for the show?
9:35 PM
ioiiiioi: yeah. it’s going to be a little different seeing them on a stage, but let’s see
ioiiiioi: i’m going to try to go to the middlesex show too
ioiiiioi: but no ride…jersey is hard to get to
JCP001: the new record grew on me
ioiiiioi: good shite man
ioiiiioi: i can’t stop listening to it
JCP001: you were right about the 7″songs. they were totally re-recorded
ioiiiioi: yeah right? something
ioiiiioi: do u know for a fact?
ioiiiioi: i would be interested in knowing
JCP001: absolutely. you can tell
ioiiiioi: the vocal tracks are different 100% for sure
ioiiiioi: and i can hear a different sound on the guitar
ioiiiioi: different distortion
JCP001: All nite long starts differently and they added in a hardcore “Go!” by Yemin
ioiiiioi: u still wanna do that review?
JCP001: we’re doing it
ioiiiioi: lol. nice. u never know these days with you
JCP001: that’s how this shit works, son
JCP001: it’s good that lifetime hasn’t changed in 10 years. they didn’t bust out accordions and keyboards.
ioiiiioi: agreed
ioiiiioi: so what is your favorite tune so far
ioiiiioi: i needed something like this
ioiiiioi: music has really disappointed me of late
JCP001: just a quiet evening and can’t think about it now
ioiiiioi: Can’t think about it know & try to stay awake
JCP001: you wanted something new but old
ioiiiioi: i was just so surprised, it happened quickly
ioiiiioi: joeC was like check this out
ioiiiioi: i was LIKE WTF
ioiiiioi: talking about the 7″
9:45 PM
ioiiiioi: sparked a good feeling
ioiiiioi: that’s for sure
ioiiiioi: then the tunes where just as good and it was over from there
JCP001: their formula hasn’t changed at all and ari is still incoherent. haircut monday morning?
ioiiiioi: marble mouth
JCP001: i thought he was saying “it was friday all day long”
ioiiiioi: i hear some good stuff in that record
ioiiiioi: Beginning of Yeems Song
ioiiiioi: sounds very down by law to me
JCP001: or “i was crying all day long” gotta google the lyrics
ioiiiioi: yeah, only 3 song lyrics from the new album are online
JCP001: it’s totally dbl
JCP001: “just hold it down, relax a while”??
ioiiiioi: yupp
JCP001: wtf is he saying
ioiiiioi: something like that
ioiiiioi: just cool it down, relax a while
JCP001: does it really matter? the only point of contention with me is the 10 years 11 songs
9:50 PM
JCP001: 7″ b-sides. please.
ioiiiioi: 4sure
ioiiiioi: Norm (from texas) is good friends with my partner
ioiiiioi: he hangs @ the studio every now and then
ioiiiioi: when he went to the reunion show in PA
ioiiiioi: he came back and said Lifetime set the bar for all reunion shows
ioiiiioi: i think they inspired them to do their show, IMO
JCP001: finger pointing poppunkhardcorey madness
ioiiiioi: but I think lifetime did one better than others
ioiiiioi: they put out a new album that rocks
JCP001: they were always an influential band for some reason. local heroes
JCP001: like the quicksand of jersey
ioiiiioi: haha. good one
JCP001: did you ever hear that zero zero record?
ioiiiioi: I have been listening to the record front to back since i got it
ioiiiioi: nothing but lifetime. it’s almost sickening
9:55 PM
JCP001: i even busted out the older records
ioiiiioi: it’s become my coffee
ioiiiioi: just to hear a band that i used to really like…finally recorded well
ioiiiioi: it’s a treat
JCP001: i agree. i listened to it because I wanted to not just because i was going to review it
ioiiiioi: i’m not too sure it’s just nostalgia either
ioiiiioi: if i just heard this record on it’s own
ioiiiioi: and nothing was before it, or I never knew of “lifetime” I would still be rocking it
ioiiiioi: I gave it to my brother (17)
ioiiiioi: knows nothing of lifetime – He loved it!
JCP001: did he skate to it?
ioiiiioi: halo2 and WoW to it
ioiiiioi: he did say sounds like a modern NoFX
ioiiiioi: but loves it
JCP001: nofx sounds like a modern nofx
10:00 PM
ioiiiioi: he likes punk in drublic
ioiiiioi: i have a 94 time play count on airport monday morning already
JCP001: you can get this record and the fall out boy one we crapped on for $17 from the fueled by ramen webstore.
ioiiiioi: fall out boy sucks so bad, i’m glad u crapped on it
JCP001: people should just get this one and mix in their own jay-z intro
ioiiiioi: I heard that lifetime got boo’d on those Fall out boy tours
JCP001: they’re playing to 16yos
JCP001: who never went to a basement show hahaha
ioiiiioi: that’s why this new record pwns
ioiiiioi: they jumped back into it with a great record
ioiiiioi: not just any band can do that
ioiiiioi: and it’s the combination of people that make it great
ioiiiioi: u hear some other stuff from members and it’s decent
ioiiiioi: kid dynamite . etc
ioiiiioi: but lifetime comes together and shit…lookout
JCP001: i liked them. paint it black not so much.
10:05 PM
ioiiiioi: kid D is good. but it’s no lifetime
ioiiiioi: IMO
JCP001: at least they gave you 19 songs in 20 minutes
ioiiiioi: that they did
ioiiiioi: next record review let’s make sure it sucks!!! so i can be nasty and sarcastic
JCP001: what do you hate?
ioiiiioi: i’m trying to reach for one here..but this record is too good for me to go there
JCP001: clap you hands and say yeah make me want to punch faces
ioiiiioi: except I think ari needs to get off the trim-spa
ioiiiioi: but thin is in these days, so It’s hip with the kids
JCP001: at least they’re not fat guys bringing it back. fatcore
10:10 PM
ioiiiioi: NJFC
JCP001: you forgot the x’s
ioiiiioi: it’s all about the KFC
ioiiiioi: or just the sides for the vegetarians out there
JCP001:5star.jpg ioiiiioi:5stars.jpg


OneLastCigarette: ok scrap everything start right here ok?
OneLastCigarette: greet me
OneLastCigarette: haha
JCP001: can we bow like we’re sparring
OneLastCigarette: touch keyboards and get in your corner, bitch
OneLastCigarette: im screaming like ken shamrock right now
JCP001: I tried really hard to listen to this straight through. i did
OneLastCigarette: dude, i know i said it was ok, but i just hate them.
JCP001: i couldn’t. I failed the fear factor challenge
OneLastCigarette: it irritates me to no end, that album. i listened to is like 8 times to rate the songs impartially. i will never touch it again
JCP001: I will say that they do have some catchy songs
JCP001: That stupid single was stuck in my head even though the opening sounds like a backstreet boys song
JCP001: i thought it was a joke
OneLastCigarette: its like a 48 minute chorus, and you get sick of it on the fifteenth minute
OneLastCigarette: i give them props for the jay-z intro.
OneLastCigarette: one prop
OneLastCigarette: and i could take it away just as easy.
JCP001: jay-z gets no props for it though
JCP001: zero
JCP001: it’s not music that adults should listen to at all
OneLastCigarette: yeah, this is perfect for their 15-16 demographic.
JCP001: I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You) is a background song for the hills. it hurts
OneLastCigarette: something something in a honey moon, if i woke up next to you. i wanna kill myself over and over and over when i hear this song.
9:00 PM
JCP001: plus my old roommate killed them. she’d play that sugar we’re going down song to
JCP001: fucking
JCP001: death
OneLastCigarette: crap tracks, crap trak, skip to thnks fr th Mmrs. i actually enjoy this song. this has the undeniable childish fuck you vibe that made the panic! album good until that one listen when you wanted to kill every panda that wouldnt fuck to save its species
JCP001: they’re sounding more like Panic At The Disco
OneLastCigarette: coincidentally has the tool from panic in the toilet on it.
JCP001: jesus
JCP001: they sound the same
OneLastCigarette: it’s like a joke having them sing together because they have the exact same voice
JCP001: Panic just has a drum machine. I think they borrowed fob’s
OneLastCigarette: the singer of panic let the singer of fob hold his banana seat bicycle for it
JCP001: aww how sweet
OneLastCigarette: he was like “bro, you know im comin’ back for my bike and my jar of pomade, lemme borrow that. arent we friends?”
OneLastCigarette: the (after) life of the party is annoying and boring.
OneLastCigarette: put love on hold young hollywood cause im the other–what the fuck is he saying?
JCP001: I never got that far on the record
OneLastCigarette: put it on. skip to the carpal tunnel of love
JCP001: some teenage girl will love it
OneLastCigarette: this is the only literally good song on the record
9:10 PM
JCP001: I think you like it because it sounds like a song alk trio dropped out of their notebook and these dudes picked it up
OneLastCigarette: close.
OneLastCigarette: fall out boy doesn’t get credit for it though. it has chad gilbert (former singer of shai hulud, current —- of new found glory) singing back-up, and im pretty sure playing some guitars, or at least writing them.
JCP001: the screaming gives it balls. just little lumps, not full balls
OneLastCigarette: balls before they drop, or after one’s been removed.
OneLastCigarette: the fob singer manages to take it full vagina before then end though, cancelling out any cool points aquired by hanging out with shai hulud
OneLastCigarette: or jay-z
JCP001: basically yeah
OneLastCigarette: ok, im tired of this. track suck, track suck, track suck…ok, second to last track
OneLastCigarette: you’re crashing but youre no wave
OneLastCigarette: good music
JCP001: I already started listen to another band entirely. this shit doesn’t hold my attention
OneLastCigarette: i don’t know exactly what he’s talking about. i prefer not to though.
JCP001: someone else write this track too?
OneLastCigarette: pretty sure.
9:15 PM
OneLastCigarette: we should also note that i read somewhere (make somewhere a link) that jay-z did some production on this platinum turd also.
OneLastCigarette: we should additionally note that i’m not 100% on that since i didnt give enough of a shit to google it.
JCP001: i don’t care enough to look it up either. i think if someone reading this has the drive, they should do it themselves. haha
OneLastCigarette: go on little ones, gather information…
OneLastCigarette: few last things
OneLastCigarette: theres a song on this record called this aint a scene, its an arms race, and the words go this aint a scene, its a god damn arms race. i have just one question about that song: wuuh?
JCP001: oh god. that last song made my sphincter tighten
JCP001: i don’t fucking know. it is infectious. not listening to it
JCP001: That was the song i thought was a joke
JCP001: but it’s not
9:20 PM
OneLastCigarette: i lost control of my bowels during the 76th repetition of the chorus
OneLastCigarette: well, i think we’ve been more than fair here. i’m fall out boyed out til’ their next record w/ intro by jesus christ and hand claps from 11 of the twelve apostles.
OneLastCigarette: peter said if they wanna go and be poseurs he’ll just stay home and drink wine.
JCP001: you referred to sspu as watered down. I don’t agree. THIS record is the purest water you can find
OneLastCigarette: no, this is like kool-aid bro.
OneLastCigarette: grape kool-aid
OneLastCigarette: anyway
JCP001: i give it one finger. the middle one
OneLastCigarette: with my new scoring system they came out with a 2.85. this would normally result in a three, but my new, new scoring system says they get a two, because they suck. im saving my first “one” for the new thrice album anyway.
JCP001: 2.85? how’d you come up with that?
OneLastCigarette: i star them in itunes, add the stars and divide by the number of tracks
OneLastCigarette: round up or down depending on whether im high or not.
JCP001: ok
JCP001: by the way, I have 2 fob songs in my library and they’re both covers
JCP001: i should delete those too
OneLastCigarette: final note
OneLastCigarette: this and lifetime come out on the same day (lifetime on fueled by ramen owned by vinnie of less than jake, puppetiered by pete wentz of fob and fob on island/def jam) and i dont know who’s doing who a favor there. if they two-pack it, i think everyone in the scene will end up with both somehow. thats good marketing.
OneLastCigarette: pete wentz (bassist) was quoted as saying something to the effect of fall out boy’s album is the biggest leak in the history of music because the internet gets more powerful every day and they are the biggest band on the internet
OneLastCigarette: also, hot topic will not be carrying this because fob’s dist. went behind their back and struck a promo deal with american eagle
OneLastCigarette: american eagle will be changing their name to bloody dead eagle to try to capture the rest of hot topics base
OneLastCigarette: theyre going to branch off with a plus size store called big fat bloody dead eagle, with platforms
JCP001: there you have it. if you can’t get it off the internet then hit up AE
OneLastCigarette: can i go finish shaving my chest? (do not put that in, im not joking)
JCP001: i lost interest in this review like 10 minutes ago anyway
JCP001: yes that is SO going in
JCP001:1star.jpg OneLastCigarette:2stars.jpg