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JCP001: the draft
OneLastCigarette: so this is the new band from hot water music minus one
JCP001: there’s really not much difference between bands. smooth transition
OneLastCigarette: i dont know man. the differences are subtle, but im not too into it. the grittiness that made hwm…hwm is gone.
JCP001: maybe that’s progression…?
OneLastCigarette: eh, keep it.
OneLastCigarette: you wanna hear kid dynamite write a top 9 at 9 song?
OneLastCigarette: or stay dead
JCP001: they’re cleaner sounding. that’s it. no more howling lumberjacks
OneLastCigarette: i dont understand why they felt that one member leaving was a reason to change bands. thats the only reason they give.
OneLastCigarette: they had like what, twelve fucking albums anyway
OneLastCigarette: whatever
OneLastCigarette: theres some good lyrics on here
JCP001: i like the draft. not love them. they got anthems
OneLastCigarette: “stop wastin my time i got some place to goo”
JCP001: he’s got somewhere to be
OneLastCigarette: simple shit. chantable. two of these four songs i was waiting for the part the crowd would yell back with fists, it happended before the 1:00 mark both times
OneLastCigarette: im wondering if there will be enough kids to hear on a youtube video though
OneLastCigarette: thats the real measure of your status in music
JCP001: i am glad this ep is digital. more bands should be this smart
OneLastCigarette: its on the rise. according to the pop culture prophets cds are so gone soon
JCP001: people dj with their ipod. there really couldn’t be an easier way to make money. a few 6 second fades…
OneLastCigarette: youre lettering with your mouse, our friends are djing without a mixer. what the fuck is going on?
OneLastCigarette: track 2 up all night – you dont hear a slight nod to green day here?
OneLastCigarette: badump bumps for everyone
JCP001: nope
OneLastCigarette: picture jason black in nut tight dickies and a skinny tie bopping his head in front of a green screen
JCP001: not buying it
JCP001: but they make solid power pop
OneLastCigarette: hearing these dudes switch it up this late in the game feels like seeing your mom getting breast implants
OneLastCigarette: its just not natural
JCP001: i don’t agree
OneLastCigarette: im devestated
JCP001: if bands were concerned about devastating their fans, jets to brazil would have never played a note *takes a bow*
OneLastCigarette: no i meant about you not agreeing with me
OneLastCigarette: i have a war chest of hot water music thatll last me through a nuclear winter
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OneLastCigarette: whats on deck?
JCP001: bright eyes four winds
OneLastCigarette: yeah, lets do this
OneLastCigarette: tim duffy is counting on us
JCP001: we’ll disappoint for sure
JCP001: i think i asked before why people love bright eyes
OneLastCigarette: hes this decades (comparison to) bob dylan
OneLastCigarette: thats like engaged to be engaged
JCP001: i wasn’t blown away by his acousti-country stylings
OneLastCigarette: supposedly these are throw aways though
JCP001: the single is good but I could leave the rest. “reinvent the wheel” gets a mention.
OneLastCigarette: im wide awake, its morning had some good ass indie country tunes.
OneLastCigarette: the single is the same single as the album i believe
OneLastCigarette: so thats that
JCP001: I love eps
OneLastCigarette: uh…i gave cartoon blues (track 5) 3 stars in itunes
OneLastCigarette: people need to stop asking why we dont have halves. how are we going to make half a pointing hand?
JCP001: technically i could but why bother?
OneLastCigarette: i give this record three hands point one thumb
JCP001: that’s a .2
OneLastCigarette: sounds right. hopefully the lp (cassadaga) is where he put the good songs
JCP001: maybe I’d listen to it more
OneLastCigarette: by the way
OneLastCigarette: people love him because: hes been around for a long ass time. like ten years now, and he makes sure to have 2-3 emo bangers on every lp, and a steady stream of semi relevant work
OneLastCigarette: coupled with a modest amount of mainstream success and airplay, and hair clay.
JCP001: fanboy. do you write his name on your note book?
OneLastCigarette: im just telling you why hes popular. i like certain songs.
OneLastCigarette: i bet nobody knows who the fuck he is here (israel) though
JCP001: not at all
JCP001: nor gives a fuck
OneLastCigarette: theres a guest spot by m. ward on this ep
OneLastCigarette: you wanna tell everyone who that is, jeff
JCP001: some dude on merge
OneLastCigarette: shit, neither of us know
OneLastCigarette: he must be awesome
JCP001: and plays harmonica
OneLastCigarette: dude his name is a letter
OneLastCigarette: i dont think i have to say anymore about that.
JCP001: J. Robbins can do that.
JCP001: tim’s happy we mentioned him (ward)
OneLastCigarette: way to go on the even more obscure reference that what you were explaining.
OneLastCigarette: people who were lost are now dead.
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JCP001: let’s do this. i need to go to bed
OneLastCigarette: just lemme grab my pipe
OneLastCigarette: …and my snuff
JCP001: that should be on hand at all tmes
JCP001: no half steppin’
OneLastCigarette: thank you for getting that stuck in my head now
JCP001: a tribe called quest
OneLastCigarette: no, big daddy kane
OneLastCigarette: 88′, time to set it straight.
JCP001: focus. arcade fire neon bible
OneLastCigarette: yeah. don’t want this to be too long.
OneLastCigarette: it’s on everyones “recently played” on
JCP001: it won’t be as long winded as the comeback kid review. i promise
OneLastCigarette: maybe we got a little carried away
JCP001: a bit
OneLastCigarette: god forbid the editor speaks up…
OneLastCigarette: before posting.
OneLastCigarette: Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
OneLastCigarette: i don’t see what the big deal is about this album. i read a lot of glaring reviews.
JCP001: if anyone likes this band, they had this record weeks ago. the internet is vast and strange
JCP001: it’s a good record. i’d think it was better if i could get past the bruce springsteen sound on some of the songs
OneLastCigarette: lucky for me the only boss song i know is born in the USA
OneLastCigarette: i understand the infatuation with arcade fire, i love them, but this record doesn’t hold a candle to funeral
JCP001: just elements. some of the vocals. not all the songs
JCP001: i like anthems. funeral was anthem upon anthem
OneLastCigarette: i went and grabbed one of my dads bruce cd’s from the era cited in the neon bible reviews. i see the similarity, but whatever
JCP001: see? i’m glad i’m not alone
JCP001: dnice thinks i’m nuts
OneLastCigarette: she gave the new shins a five
JCP001: your dad would love this record
OneLastCigarette: i showed him their impromptu cathedral sing along and their david bowie colabo a few weeks ago and he was impressed
OneLastCigarette: hes a big fan of brand new’s degausser too. i hear him around the kitchen going “take apart your head!”
JCP001: play him antichrist televison blues
JCP001: no cars go is from their first ep. maybe they should have rerecorded more old songs and chucked the springsteen ones
OneLastCigarette: i was going to say, there are two great songs on here, and one of them is from before funeral
JCP001: and that shins record is a 4 in my book. no decimal points for the big part
OneLastCigarette: the other being keep the car running
JCP001: my body is a cage is HUGE
OneLastCigarette: i dont wanna get too into this, but if you give that shins a four, does that mean you give chutes too narrow a five?
JCP001: 3
JCP001: it’s middle of the road. idiots cream over it *shrugs*
OneLastCigarette: send hate mail to: JEFF @ the big part
OneLastCigarette: oh i dont know what makes the hipsters mad anymore
OneLastCigarette: for all i know we are hipsters
JCP001: people get mad when you crack on their music because they think you’re calling them morons for liking crappy bands
OneLastCigarette: but…we are
JCP001: i’m trying not to generalize
OneLastCigarette: i am
OneLastCigarette: im not feeling any hugeness in this (my body is a cage), im sorry.
JCP001: you’re retarded
OneLastCigarette: theres too much anxiety in this reviewing stuff man
JCP001: the big swelling pipe organs and snappy snares? nothing?
JCP001: anxiety over what?
OneLastCigarette: not liking what the cool kids tell me too
OneLastCigarette: im into black wave_bad vibrations
OneLastCigarette: i like the back up ooo oooo’s
JCP001: I think you don’t let yourself like things
JCP001: thankfully the boss had no hand in that song
OneLastCigarette: maybe im too young
OneLastCigarette: but my knee jerk is to say im just not easily impressed
OneLastCigarette: if this album came out first, they would not be famous
OneLastCigarette: and thats a big deal
JCP001: if the people I work with never heard of them they’re not famous. they sing beyonce songs
OneLastCigarette: out loud?
JCP001: like girls
OneLastCigarette: they dont say “to the left, to the left“, do they?
JCP001: yup. funny thing is I’ve never even heard the song
OneLastCigarette: the track ocean of noise could have been a b-side far as im concerned
JCP001: b-side from born to run
JCP001: i gotta get in with the beyonce crowd, yo
OneLastCigarette: you really don’t
OneLastCigarette: i think this dude should start sporting a rolled up betsy ross bandana
JCP001: anyway, i like this record. i keep a few songs unchecked though
OneLastCigarette: i wouldnt have listened to it so many times if i didnt have to do this
OneLastCigarette: edit off what i email you so i can fix my brain farts
JCP001: if i were high i would have followed
OneLastCigarette: im so high
JCP001: does this get less stars than comeback kid?
JCP001: i’m wrapping up. bed.
OneLastCigarette: fuck me…thats why i hate going from genre to genre
OneLastCigarette: yeah, i guess it does. but theyre not being compared. i rated that one as it was and this one as it is
JCP001: spit it out
OneLastCigarette: oh, uh three?
OneLastCigarette: if we had halves i woulda gave it one
JCP001: you need to NOT get high when we do these
OneLastCigarette: itll be fine
JCP001: or do but at least be fucking functional
OneLastCigarette: and you give it what?
JCP001: 4
JCP001: compared to funeral’s imaginary 5
OneLastCigarette: yeah, funeral woulda got a five here too.
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COMEBACK KID - Broadcasting (Victory Records, 2007)

AtariSavesKids : how do we start?
OneLastCigarette: Comeback Kid – Broadcasting
OneLastCigarette: so they changed their singer
AtariSavesKids: Yeah, Scott Wade left the band
OneLastCigarette: i’m usually not a fan of changing singer/keeping name, but i think this worked out well.
OneLastCigarette: wade reminded me a lot of deryck wimbley from sum 41.
AtariSavesKids: The singer of a band is usually who fans pay attention to
OneLastCigarette: yeah, the “front man”
OneLastCigarette: i like this guy a lot more, i think he has a better voice for a hardcore screamo type band.
AtariSavesKids: it still feels like the same band, so they did something right
OneLastCigarette: exactly. usually it doesn’t work out, but it was a natural transition
AtariSavesKids: at first listen I thought Wade stayed, but I know he’s gone
OneLastCigarette: yeah hes vaguely vaguely similar (the new guy)
AtariSavesKids: His name is Andrew Neufeld by the way
OneLastCigarette: thanks chris, i was counting on your for exactly those tid bits.
OneLastCigarette: so this is their…third release?
AtariSavesKids: actually if you want to be exact, he’s not even new
OneLastCigarette: do tell
OneLastCigarette: it’s why i enlisted you
AtariSavesKids: he’s the guitarist who did back-up vocals, now he’s the full on singer
AtariSavesKids: so he went up in hierarchy
OneLastCigarette: oh, well the natural factor makes a lot more sense now.
AtariSavesKids: and if you’re a fan of Comeback Kid already, you know that Andrew’s parts on songs are incredible, some of my favorite parts
OneLastCigarette: i never got especially into their other records, but i do remember now that you mention it.
AtariSavesKids: like in the song “Always” off their first cd Turn It Around
OneLastCigarette: to me, this record is the ideal swing from the basement rafters hardcore record
AtariSavesKids: definitely
OneLastCigarette: its almost perfect for what it is
AtariSavesKids: it has a lot of intensity
OneLastCigarette: i find it hard to review recs from genre to genre sometimes though
OneLastCigarette: its hard to be subjective and opinionated at the same time
AtariSavesKids: yea, especially when for smaller, non-mainstream bands, a cd review is crucial because people will judge whether to listen to a band depending on someone else’s opinion
OneLastCigarette : yeah exactly. and if you give it a five and theyre not a hardcore fan, and they do give it a try, theyll be expecting led zeppelin II
OneLastCigarette: like, “i thought this was a five star record.”
AtariSavesKids: but I personally don’t listen to many “classic” bands so that’s subjective too –
AtariSavesKids: – and genre oriented and I personally don’t listen to Led Zeppelin nor much classic rock, though I respect it and appreciate it, so natural for me not to even compare one 5 star cd to the next
AtariSavesKids: and that taste is diverse, and it’s the difference between a masterpiece and a great album
OneLastCigarette: yeah, thats what i was getting at
AtariSavesKids: so back to Comeback Kid, they are definitely one of the main bands keeping Victory Records still considered a hardcore label
AtariSavesKids: it’s like CK with a vengeance, also it’s Andrew’s chance to shine and make the band even better so you can tell he has a lot to say and a lot invested
OneLastCigarette: yeah, victory has really diminished as far as cred goes over the past 4-5 years. they got lucky with taking back sunday and thursday (i heard they both had to sue the label for royalties, only after an audit was ordered)
OneLastCigarette: you have to figure theres a song about the whole singer departure/switch on this record, i just didn’t do enough lyric following to find it
AtariSavesKids: for once I actually feel the emotion in the singer’s voice
AtariSavesKids: it doesn’t feel empty
OneLastCigarette: yeah hes definitely giving it his all
OneLastCigarette : One Left Satisfied (Track Seven) really kicks my ass. Starts off with some powerful growling and backup vox
OneLastCigarette: any stand-out tracks for you?
AtariSavesKids: Track 4, The Blackstone is an excellent song
OneLastCigarette: yeah it is good. i like the drums and the guitar. they carry the vocals. like the timpany roll under the growl, that wasnt an accident
OneLastCigarette: on the other side of the rating spectrum you could have an elitist hardcore kid tell you that this record is bullshit and isn’t true hardcore. i guess its just a metter of time, place, and personality. there are times i wouln’t have given this a second listen and other times like now where it makes me do spin kicks in my living room
AtariSavesKids: we’re more aware of how these genres have been watered down
OneLastCigarette: i dont like the term watered down, i think diversified fits better. genres are becoming harder and harder to pin
OneLastCigarette: what would you call the sound of animals fighting?
OneLastCigarette: nonsense is the only label i can think of. organized chaos
AtariSavesKids: well i meant that now that there are so many bands these days, there are a lot more bands who are just not good
AtariSavesKids: TSOAF is a trip
OneLastCigarette: and their first release is one of the most artful talented things ive ever heard from this underground scene kids are desperately holding onto
AtariSavesKids: though I rarely listen to the last instrumental track on that cd
OneLastCigarette: oh yeah, there are a ton of bands who are simply not good. some of those bands sky rocket to fame or murmuring scene fame, which from the inside can seem just as big.
OneLastCigarette: i only listen to the acts. i unchecked the instrus on my itunes
OneLastCigarette: useless filler
AtariSavesKids: ha
OneLastCigarette: Broadcasting – the title track
OneLastCigarette: i think its a good representation of what theyre doing here. they nailed the second track opener.
OneLastCigarette: and the album doesn’t get boring, its balanced. i can leave it on and not get annoyed. thats rare for me, especially with a hc record
AtariSavesKids: yea, it’s diverse. the musicianship has only gotten better
OneLastCigarette: how did victory get their paws on these guys anyway, theyre from winnipeg. doesnt canada have any indie labels with integrity?
OneLastCigarette: theyre fading away over here, with all those distribution and subsidiary deals going on.
OneLastCigarette: between indies and majors
AtariSavesKids: i think this cd will give Comeback Kid more of a range since people seem to only know “Wake The Dead” off of their last release. That song is a good hardcore song, it has integrity and is really catchy, so the band does know how to balance and make a song to draw in fans
OneLastCigarette: then they pimp all their young acts who might be worth a shit to the big guys.
AtariSavesKids: well didn’t Victory have Grade? they’re Canadian
OneLastCigarette: oh my god grade was amazing
AtariSavesKids: I recently re-fell in love with Grade
AtariSavesKids: they were definitely a special band
OneLastCigarette: these guys do grade proud. i believe they were on victory, its weird to even hear that. gone are the days of respectable bands on victory like strife or grade, in with the aidens and hawthore heights of the world
OneLastCigarette: under the radar is one of my all time favs
AtariSavesKids: that’s arguably their best cd, I love that cd.
OneLastCigarette: no arguments here.
OneLastCigarette: they got a little too metal for me towards the end though, with the release of “head first straight to hell”
OneLastCigarette: i heard half the dudes in CK used to be in a christian band called figure four
AtariSavesKids: I didn’t know that.
AtariSavesKids: Christians make some great hardcore in my opinion, though I’m not a Christian I can understand that they are intense about something or at least were taught to be, and therefore have learned to question faith and everything in life
OneLastCigarette: thats a shitty stigma to have to shake. people focus too much on that stuff. underoath for example made a totally dope ass album about 5 or 6 years ago and some people just couldn’t get past the fact that they’re christian. that chasing safety album isn’t half bad either, but they get a really shitty time for having a religion.
AtariSavesKids: Evergreen Terrace are one of those bands
OneLastCigarette: those same kids will scream “freedom of religion!” at some rally to free palestine, but if underoath wants to be christian, thats lame bro
AtariSavesKids: I love Underoath, I may not share their beliefs, but I respect that they are at least trying to be heard and are being heard
OneLastCigarette: its like giving ozzy shit for endorsing satan. some people are just not hateable. underoath was already hateable (dumb hair, tight jeans). like ellen degeneres, not hateable. rosie odonnell, way hateable. france would not be unpopular in america if they were italy.
OneLastCigarette: i think ive made my point
AtariSavesKids: at least they’re fighting for something they believe in
OneLastCigarette: any other standout tracks for you
AtariSavesKids: I think the cd has a strong end and I love the title of the last track “In/Tuition”
AtariSavesKids: just for the double meaning
OneLastCigarette: its clever
AtariSavesKids: very
OneLastCigarette: i often become fond of a song because the name alone attracted me
AtariSavesKids: Definitely
AtariSavesKids: This cd, like a lot of hardcore cds have one word song titles that are pretty straight to the point
OneLastCigarette: track three Exposè (originally titled Hailing On Me) is definitely the song where this guy gives the kids the mic.
AtariSavesKids: “Come Around” has a strong beginning and is very reminiscent of their first cd
OneLastCigarette: yeah, i guess hailing on me was too many words
AtariSavesKids: haha, it’s still pretty simple
AtariSavesKids: So this cd is the same old Comeback Kid on the same rampage with improved musicianship and newfound focus. the transition to Andrew becoming the lead singer is pretty seamless
OneLastCigarette: well if this were an all hxc world and i wasn’t gonna put on the four winds ep after im done here, this totally would have gotten a resounding five, but alas, there are other people in this world and one band cant hog up all the love, so it gets a four.
OneLastCigarette: yes, they’re re energized, with purpose, and newly regrouped. i see a bright future for them, as soon as they get away from victory. i could see island picking them up soon enough. they need a new thrice since thrice quit being thrice.
AtariSavesKids: I’m going to give it a 5. It is intense and strong throughout, makes me want to dance and have my voice heard and makes me want to relisten to it right after.
OneLastCigarette: their latest record was a terrible disappointment
AtariSavesKids: Vheissu? I liked it man
OneLastCigarette: you like a lot of shitty albums chris
OneLastCigarette: i heard those thrice guys are christains anyway
AtariSavesKids: that’s only according to others though, they’re not shitty to me and you like most of my favorite cds
OneLastCigarette: so much for my subtle irony
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