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FlavorCage77: whenever you’re ready
JCP001: you’re like a bull in a china shop
FlavorCage77: because I’m fat?
JCP001: you wanna plow right into this
FlavorCage77: haha
FlavorCage77: nah…
FlavorCage77: never did a review before
FlavorCage77: review
FlavorCage77: rookie
JCP001: noob
FlavorCage77: noobian.
JCP001: to some, yes. glos harmonium
FlavorCage77: I’m still on the first track
FlavorCage77: it’s quite good.
JCP001: i figured you’d be into this record
FlavorCage77: you know me oh too well. it’s the intellectual approach I can appreciate. And the drum sound really grabs you by the nuts and says…”Listen to me while I kick you in the face.”
FlavorCage77: the guys voice is taking some getting used to
FlavorCage77: it’s a bit flat.
JCP001: yeah. i was so expecting maura (denali) to sing
FlavorCage77: love her
FlavorCage77: my old band played with them
JCP001: nice. she’s easy on the eyes and a good vocalist
FlavorCage77: i think i wrote her a note after the show we played with them…oh man
FlavorCage77: i totally remember now
JCP001: like a love note? did you make her a mix cd?
FlavorCage77: I was all fucked up…and scratched some chicken feed on a paper about why she should spend the rest of her days with me because she sang really well.
FlavorCage77: I think she’d like me better now
FlavorCage77: because of my new band.
FlavorCage77: nah…she’d still be afraid
JCP001: with just cause
FlavorCage77: totally. never mix beer with whiskey and good intentions.
FlavorCage77: anyway…back to the record
JCP001: did she avoid you the rest of the night?
FlavorCage77: here’s the thing…
FlavorCage77: i tripped on myself handing her the note while she was packing up
JCP001: oh god
FlavorCage77: and almost fell into her
JCP001: hahaha
FlavorCage77: yeah
FlavorCage77: yeah
FlavorCage77: anyway
FlavorCage77: let’s talk about this record
FlavorCage77: not my failed love endeavors
JCP001: i would have holed up in the van after that
FlavorCage77: i did
JCP001: so i can’t decided if this is a side project or not
FlavorCage77: DENALI broke up
FlavorCage77: so this may be from the ashes.
JCP001: yes but maura’s in ambulette and her bro in sparta
FlavorCage77: ah…you see, I am not a music nerd like you so I don’t know these things.
FlavorCage77: is she in this band?
JCP001: yes
FlavorCage77: oh
FlavorCage77: oops
FlavorCage77: that must be her singin in the background, yeah?
JCP001: uh… yeah
FlavorCage77: you know what?
JCP001: what’s that?
FlavorCage77: I’d still pen her love notes. With a feathered quill
JCP001: haha and a box of chocolates. holding boom box outside her bedroom window
FlavorCage77: I think I love this album. It’s EXTREMELY textural.
JCP001: there’s a lot going on here
FlavorCage77: yes.
FlavorCage77: VERY textural
FlavorCage77: BUT…no hooks.
FlavorCage77: I still like hooks
JCP001: some hooks
FlavorCage77: you know…even though Radiohead lost their collective mind by KID A you could still hum the choruses.
FlavorCage77: but…I love this. It’s something I’d enjoy tuning people out on the train to.
FlavorCage77: TELEPATHY reminds me of….something from the joint days. ASHES?
JCP001: if there was a metal part and a break down yeah
FlavorCage77: I think the singer reads a lot of KAFKA
JCP001: evanescence is now ashes
FlavorCage77: OH MY GOD.
FlavorCage77: You’re totally right.
FlavorCage77: Jesus Christ…what a world.
JCP001: same shit, bigger venues
JCP001: i like the vocal effects
JCP001: makes it dreamy and flowing without being coma inducing
FlavorCage77: Totally. He reminds me a bit of one of the singers from SLOWDIVE.
FlavorCage77: Definitely dreamy…with some balls.
FlavorCage77: Dude…she’s whispering in my ear.
FlavorCage77: Oh man…is it wrong to make myself believe she’s written every song for me?
JCP001: yes, she’s singing only for you
FlavorCage77: eat me.
FlavorCage77: This is super modern day psychedelic. Good to see American bands are going this way.
JCP001: you could do it to this record
FlavorCage77: DAMN…TAINTED is HUGE!
FlavorCage77: Good variety on this album…
FlavorCage77: this album is sex.
JCP001: you’re going on the record with that?
FlavorCage77: why not?
FlavorCage77: WAIT!
FlavorCage77: BETWEEN YOU AND I is WAAAAAYYYY too much like MISERY IS A BUTTERFLY — Blonde Redhead
FlavorCage77: WAYYYYYYY
FlavorCage77: TOOOO
FlavorCage77: MUUUUUCH
FlavorCage77: they just lost some points.
JCP001: let’s check it
FlavorCage77: totally
FlavorCage77: OH MY GOD!!!
FlavorCage77: IT’S SO SIMILAR!!
FlavorCage77: i just fell out of love.
FlavorCage77: Not the actual song MISERY IS A BUTTERFLY
JCP001: but the record?
FlavorCage77: there’s a song on it…fuck…I only have it on vinyl
FlavorCage77: hold on…I have to check out what song it sounds like…
JCP001: crap
FlavorCage77: be right back…have to dig through my vinyl
JCP001: wind up the phonograph
FlavorCage77: fuck you…ninyl has more bass.
FlavorCage77: vinyl.
JCP001: i like ninyl better
FlavorCage77: not ninyl. I don’t know what ninyl is.
FlavorCage77: it sounds like something they sell to make herpes go away.
JCP001: seth’s sister gave me a ninyl once. good times…
FlavorCage77: “With NINYL, I’ve been outbreak free for three weeks.”
FlavorCage77: brb
FlavorCage77: too much vinyl…do you have the album on your itunes?
JCP001: no but you can get 30 second snippets from the itunes store
FlavorCage77: right on…oops…
FlavorCage77: MESSENGER
FlavorCage77: thats what BETWEEN YOU AND I reminds me of
FlavorCage77: way too much
FlavorCage77: anyway…moving on
JCP001: it doesn’t tarnish anything for me
FlavorCage77: that’s because you have no integrity.
FlavorCage77: actually…
JCP001: because i’m not a huge brh fan
FlavorCage77: ha.
FlavorCage77: glös are
FlavorCage77: seriously though, this record is damn good.
FlavorCage77: The production makes it. It sounds raw.
JCP001: hopefully they’re not a one record side project
FlavorCage77: Ambulette‘s kind of a snoozer compared to this glös
FlavorCage77: so
FlavorCage77: I hope they’re not a side project, either.
JCP001: ambulette is maura a bunch of other dudes from broken up jade tree bands
FlavorCage77: My pont exactly.
FlavorCage77: point
JCP001: oh i know
JCP001: how many fingers?
FlavorCage77: Hmmmm….
FlavorCage77: out of how many again?
FlavorCage77: 5?
JCP001: c’mon, you know how we do
FlavorCage77: I’m going to give it a three and a half
FlavorCage77: it’s not quite four
FlavorCage77: but it’s damn close
JCP001: i’ll round up mine to a solid 4
FlavorCage77: all together, it gave me a mental chubby.
JCP001:4stars.jpg FlavorCage773stars.jpg