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OneLastCigarette: WHITEY!
OneLastCigarette: BRING THAT SHIT!
OneLastCigarette: if people knew what it sounded like when you sceam my name it would be a lot funnier. like when we used to square off in marvel capcom
JCP001: I’d squash you with duel Captains
OneLastCigarette: lets not give the wrong impression
OneLastCigarette: we were 50/50 far as i remember, overall
JCP001: and at least we were obvious about cheesing each other
OneLastCigarette:that was the point of our matches, who could make the other more pissed. dont try that on the korean gang bangers though
OneLastCigarette: they took their marvel capcom to heart, son
JCP001: they’d deliver killer combos with their robot-like precision button pressing
OneLastCigarette: yeah dude i really dont know how they did that
JCP001: Paul Kil would be like “Lemme try some fucked up, unbreakable combo with Wolverine”
JCP001: mad claws, son
OneLastCigarette: johnson wong used to hit me with a stryder combo that took my entire energy bar except for one hit. then he would throw me
OneLastCigarette: before i could tag out
JCP001: lol
OneLastCigarette: ok enough
OneLastCigarette: hahaha
JCP001: Stryder and Wolvie were the Korean’s dream team
JCP001: Andrew Hong would pull some shit in that game too
OneLastCigarette: hong was on the level between johnson and us
JCP001: because we could still occasionally had him his ass. he was shunned by his people for not being korean enough
OneLastCigarette: the only one who could take on johnson head on was our andrew, the little one. he had some pretty sick combos for a white boy
JCP001: dude i’m dying over here
OneLastCigarette: hong didnt dye the tips of his hair or wear super wide legs
OneLastCigarette: me too. nobody is gonna get this but us, but who cares. isnt that how all of our posts go
JCP001: i used to love the group of kids and you’d have to run through each of them until they beat you
OneLastCigarette: sometimes it would take hours
OneLastCigarette: have kids goin back for change three and four times
JCP001: “jen, watch the store”
OneLastCigarette: or when you were working alone and you just prayed nobody would come in
JCP001: i lost many games that way
OneLastCigarette: and i would stand still while the clock ran down so you could ask if they needed help
OneLastCigarette: dont hit me son
OneLastCigarette: time out son
JCP001: haha
OneLastCigarette: ok lemme put it on
JCP001: the only song I consciously skip is St. Andrew
OneLastCigarette: wait, i gotta drop a duece. brb
JCP001: All that hummus
OneLastCigarette: nah i just ate 1.5 steak wraps and some fries at wrap n’ roll
OneLastCigarette: anyway, it didnt put up a fight, so im back already
OneLastCigarette: so yeah the bagpipe noise is tolerable for a little while, but i think they do it for way too long
JCP001: and it gets all acid jazzy
JCP001: i listen to this straight through though. I keep St. Andrew unchecked
JCP001: I forgot that I liked the White Stripes. I passed on their last album too for reasons unknown
OneLastCigarette: yeah me too, straight through. usually i start to convulse by the middle of that track and skip it. i dont like to uncheck, im anal about that shit
OneLastCigarette: ive passed on most of their shit. to me they were always good in small doses
JCP001: even this?
OneLastCigarette: by passed i mean never listened to once
OneLastCigarette: but ive always liked them a lot
OneLastCigarette: they do an amazing cover of my favorite bob dylan song on their s/t
JCP001: they got the dirty, bluesy rock down pat. wouldn’t be as raw with a bassist
OneLastCigarette: did you know some tool added bass to white blood cells and released it on the internet as red blood cells
JCP001: yeah, i know
JCP001: I didn’t hear it. I think Nick said he liked it
OneLastCigarette: i think nick said he liked the buster poindexter album too
OneLastCigarette: hes way too nice about music
JCP001: he has eclectic taste
OneLastCigarette: oh nick
OneLastCigarette: i really like rag & bone, and the speaking part
OneLastCigarette: hes more than just a musician, hes an entertainer on many fronts
JCP001: half the time it sounds like he’s making shit up as he goes
JCP001: freestyle rock
OneLastCigarette: maybe he one-takes it like jay-z. right off the top of his head
JCP001: i was almost waiting for a jay-z intro. “White stripes! make it rain! Told ya I’d be back! Hove!
OneLastCigarette: oh, i just noticed the third person behind them on the album cover. you think thats some cryptic imagery? and i wonder if they originally planned to have the hat on jack in the pic
JCP001: maybe it’s yetti
OneLastCigarette: the crew swears she wasn’t there when they did the shoot
JCP001: i think it’s their personal sorceress
OneLastCigarette: she conjures up the hideous wardrobe
JCP001: she’s on hand for emergency whack wardrobe changes
OneLastCigarette: the yodeling gets too me
OneLastCigarette:but just before it ends. meg makes that song good
OneLastCigarette: that is megs voice, right?
JCP001: yes
JCP001: actually, i think it’s jeremy enigk
OneLastCigarette: yeah, these noises are too fucking much
OneLastCigarette: bagpipe synth
OneLastCigarette: blech
JCP001: i think enigk’s been mentioned as much as tim duffy
JCP001: uncheck it
JCP001: join us
OneLastCigarette: oh that reminds me
OneLastCigarette: i have a blurb
JCP001: awesome. hit me
OneLastCigarette: just a sec
OneLastCigarette: fillmerejive (4:49:01 AM): new white stripes fucking kills by the way
JCP001: that’s it?
OneLastCigarette: no
OneLastCigarette: just a sec
OneLastCigarette: i saved it jumbled in a txt
OneLastCigarette: fuck
JCP001: douche
OneLastCigarette: fillmerejive (4:54:07 AM): i love the bagpipe
OneLastCigarette: thats it
OneLastCigarette: and he said he loves conquest too
OneLastCigarette: hes right about conquest
JCP001: it’s awesome
JCP001: kinda doesn’t fit, yet kinda does
OneLastCigarette: little cream soda and cause & effect also stellar
OneLastCigarette: yeah conquest sounds like jack guesting on a mariachi album, but in a good way
JCP001: conquest is something that rodriguez would use for the ending credits of his next mexican vampires movie
OneLastCigarette: i still have to download…i mean patiently await the dvd for grindhouse
JCP001: yes. dvd
OneLastCigarette: we love dvd’s and cd’s
OneLastCigarette: its not like the last cd i actually bought was the dangerous minds soundtrack or anything
OneLastCigarette: that would be wrong
JCP001: yes
OneLastCigarette: cant wait for the new coolio album
JCP001: i’m sure it’s as awesome as the new dmx
JCP001: i figure I’ll play icky thump to death then not listen to the white stripes for 4 months
OneLastCigarette: 4 months seems a bit soon
OneLastCigarette: i think this is better than the raconteurs album which i thought was good
JCP001: can’t fault a guy for being consistently good. it doesn’t happen often
OneLastCigarette: and i don’t have too much experience with them in the whole album sense, but i think this is their best. i could be wrong and hammered down by their fanboys, but since when is that a factor
OneLastCigarette: it happens almost never nowadays
JCP001: if i were meg i’d tip my black mage’s cap at him
OneLastCigarette: aren’t they divorced, or related, or detached siamese twins or something
OneLastCigarette: ive heard all kinds of stories
JCP001: i don’t really care what the case is. talk to dnice for the gossip
OneLastCigarette: shes far too busy for me these days
JCP001: whatever the case they’re keeping their wardrobe sorceress busy with matching whackness
OneLastCigarette: those three amigos costumes really gotta go
OneLastCigarette: on the back cover they’re chewing on blackened bat wings
JCP001: that makes me happy somehow
JCP001: i think the spectacle makes them better though. they wouldn’t be half as good in jeans and t-shirts
OneLastCigarette: like i said, entertainers on many fronts
JCP001: i’m done. this review would make the Captains proud
OneLastCigarette: whatever. i got next.
OneLastCigarette: ::slaps quarter::
JCP001: people would get mad if you lined $2 up there
JCP001: even one dollar
OneLastCigarette: you cant do that son, its one turn at a time. there would be like 20 smelly sweaty teens in a four by four space
OneLastCigarette: and they all had next