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SaulGood: dude..i know you’re busy but there’s a show on VH1 called PROJECT MAN BAND
SaulGood: i think we can sue
JCP001: wtf is project man band?
SaulGood: they took all these former boy band members and formed a band hoping that “lighting will strike twice”
SaulGood: i think it struck the first time but i missed it.
JCP001: who’s on it?
SaulGood: not sure. all those dudes look the same.
JCP001: and you say you don’t need cable
SaulGood: i think that’s enough reason not to want cable.
SaulGood: though, ROCK OF LOVE is retarded enough to be fascinated with…on a mentally challenged kind of level.
JCP001: wtf is that?
SaulGood: it’s a Brett Michaels reality show
SaulGood: he pretty much makes out with semi hot girls the entire time
JCP001: if it’s not the shield, heroes, 24, or battlestar galactica… i hate reality shows.
SaulGood: i thought battlestar galactica was a reality show?
JCP001: it is.
JCP001: the 12 colonies will make it to earth… someday
SaulGood: and when they do you will be waving the nerd flag high.
JCP001: fuck yeah dude. I wanna hang with bill adama and drink with surly colonel tigh
SaulGood: bring back Buck Rodgers, I say.
SaulGood: and what about Twinkie? Twiggy? What the fuck was that robots name? He was awesome. (Ed. note: Twiki –JCP001)
SaulGood: Hey, do you know they used MATTEL TOYS as props for most of those shows?
SaulGood: I have one called COMPUTER PERFECTION that they used on BUCK RODGERS. this most likely explains why I am single.
JCP001: they looked like toys too. godzilla movies had better effects
SaulGood: GODZILLA vs.MOTHRA had the best effects.
SaulGood: remember the weird singing twins from that movie?
SaulGood: i think they gave me my first chubby.
JCP001: they’re called the cosmos
SaulGood: how do you know all this shit??? and why do you get more ass than i do knowing all this stuff???
JCP001: chalk it up to my boyish charm and good looks.
JCP001: i’d rather hear the cosmos sing their mothra song than listen to Paul Banks anymore
JCP001: excited you got to drop the title? you were waiting for it, weren’t you?
SaulGood: hell yeah. I think i just got my second chubby
SaulGood: I love this album
JCP001: i’ve never been a huge interpol fan.
JCP001: i remember dnice played some of their first record for me
JCP001: she was like, “they sound like joy division”
JCP001: which would be great if i liked joy division
SaulGood: they sound nothing like joy division.
JCP001: just the robot-like vocals
JCP001: neither of these dudes have/had any type of vocal range
SaulGood: Yeah…he’s more HAL than Johnny 5
SaulGood: They have the best rhythm section in NYC, imho.
SaulGood: which DOES NOT shine through on this record
SaulGood: everyone is touting it as their OK COMPUTER. Funny they should say that since the band is now on Capitol.
JCP001: who said that? R’tard Monthly?
SaulGood: I think some wanker on some blog. I wonder who in the styling department told Carlos D. to grow that stache.
SaulGood: were they like,”Dude…grow a SGT. PEPPERS stache. It’ll make the record that much more important”
JCP001: they look like vampires with their black suits and slick hair
SaulGood: Yeah, but they need a NOSFERATU looking dude to round out their goth appeal.
SaulGood: I love his lyrics. Hal Banks is a great writer
JCP001: the songs themselves are actually good. i just hate the vocals. it just sounds like droning noise to me. kinda like an electric razor.
SaulGood: At points it sounds like he goes for emotion but it ends up executed like a wet fart.
JCP001: because he’s vulcan. emotionless
SaulGood: Imagine if they have to accept an award? He probably sounds like stephen hawking
JCP001: i’d rather hawking sing
JCP001: hell, a speak and spell would be better
SaulGood: He should form a band with Paul Banks.
JCP001: he could rig up computers to his wheelchair and have a whole pet shop boys thing going.
SaulGood: i think Carlos D’s moustache should form a side project with one of the guys from Kings of Leon’s moustache
JCP001: oh god. i just found a pic. he looks like a queer pirate with a moustache. wow.
SaulGood: yeah…i prefer the younger version of Mr. D.
SaulGood: oh man…is he wearing a BOLO tie???
JCP001: it’s awful
SaulGood: holy shit, dude. he took the wrong kinda drugs
SaulGood: All moustaches aside, MAMMOTH is a standout track
JCP001: that is the only song I 100% like
SaulGood: I love PIONEER TO THE FALLS, the opener. It creates a really great tone for the album.
SaulGood: And it’s got that 3 songs in one vibe.
JCP001: the vocals turn me off so much they’re all i could focus on.
JCP001: the rhythm section is good, minus the ‘stache
JCP001: the cylons would not approve of his stache
SaulGood: brb
SaulGood: my cat’s puking
JCP001: yum. cleaning cat puke is fun
SaulGood: sorry dude
SaulGood: twas a mighty pile of puke
SaulGood: the cyclons would approve of the vocals, tho
SaulGood: “We will spare you Paul Banks.”
JCP001: they’d approve only of banks because he’s a robot too
JCP001: they get a 2. one for mammoth, one for banks being a cylon. don’t tell adama. i’ll get shot for treason
SaulGood: 2? Damn, J. You’re off your streak of 5’s
SaulGood: I give them 4…an added finger for the Album graphics
SaulGood: photos of animals are funny,
JCP001: i’d rather a real action shot than one taken at the museum of natural history.
SaulGood: An action shot of a cylon blowing Carlos’ moustache off with a laser?
SaulGood: THAT would be hot.
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