OneLastCigarette: if you think im listening to this more than once youre fucking nuts
OneLastCigarette: so today at the show paul bruno asked “have people been sending in their records?”
OneLastCigarette: and im like no were dicks, we didnt get that set up yet
JCP001: and you said…?
OneLastCigarette: thats what i said
JCP001: sorry
JCP001: started typing before i saw your response
JCP001: survivorman was drinking his own pee. got distacted. new season
OneLastCigarette: its good to be back
OneLastCigarette: who would be better on that show chuck norris or jack bauer
JCP001: bauer. survivorman would have a hard time keeping up
OneLastCigarette: track 6 – kiss. i didnt think this record would hit a new horrible low mid-way
OneLastCigarette: oh and KORN UNTITLED
OneLastCigarette: broadcast live from my one and only listen
JCP001: we’re actually doing this? I listened to half of the record and realized that there was a reason why i never listened to korn in the first place.
JCP001: i figured we could do spoon and put the shit storm of korn behind us
OneLastCigarette: yeah i wanna be a hack asshole, lets do spoon.
OneLastCigarette: can we move along
JCP001: but i do want to mention head just so we could link to him
JCP001: thank you
OneLastCigarette: google: head jesus korn
OneLastCigarette: im not doing spoon
OneLastCigarette: i was being sarcastic
OneLastCigarette: stop resisting
OneLastCigarette: what kind of welcome back is this
JCP001: just listening to korn is embarrassing. I’ll have to play it on my head phones
JCP001: when i listened to the first few songs on the train i felt like people knew i was listening to korn. might have been the look of disgust on my face
OneLastCigarette: so we have nothing. cause i dont even know what to say about this atrocity
OneLastCigarette: you always look like that
JCP001: since i like to read the fan reviews on iTunes, apparently they “changed their sound”
OneLastCigarette: track 8 – ever be. blatant led zeppelin rip off
JCP001: still sounds like nu-metal. and they all still look like coolio except the drummer.
OneLastCigarette: saw ted leo and the thermals today
OneLastCigarette: the thermals were really fuckin good
OneLastCigarette: surprised me
OneLastCigarette: ted leo did that whole ted leo thing again
JCP001: something about the thermals irks me
JCP001: that’s what you get for hanging with music jerks
OneLastCigarette: the night after i hurled at martini when i woke up in my bed i didnt know where i was
OneLastCigarette: little “cross promotion” there
OneLastCigarette: whoever saw me puking, this is for you
OneLastCigarette: or saw me layed out on terrence’s trunk
OneLastCigarette: who ironically left his car there because he was too wasted
JCP001: sounds like a hoot, you gross bastard
OneLastCigarette: no i was actually very elegant about it
OneLastCigarette: nobody actually saw me vom
OneLastCigarette: so any stand out terribleness in this album?
OneLastCigarette: ill call tracks 1-13 as the most terrible songs on the album in no particular order
JCP001: the lyrics are awful
JCP001: he’s writing angst ridden songs for teenagers in big stupid pants. they still exist. i’ve seen them
OneLastCigarette: you lie
JCP001: on the streets like they teleported from 1998
JCP001: with white guy braids
OneLastCigarette: the beard braid
OneLastCigarette: with a bead
JCP001: so wait, their last record flopped?
OneLastCigarette: this invokes rammstein and coal chamber and all other sorts of terrible
OneLastCigarette: do you know what its called?
OneLastCigarette: cause i dont
OneLastCigarette: when that guy head finds jesus theres no way he’ll forgive him for all the terrible records hes already made
JCP001: nope. unforgivable. and i’m so disinterested I’m not even going to research it
JCP001: korn. bad call
OneLastCigarette: your idea, for the record
JCP001: i was hoping you wouldn’t point that out, dick, but i also knew you would because you’re a dick.
OneLastCigarette: well im not exactly overflowing with material here. give me a break
OneLastCigarette: im really scraping the barrell
JCP001: i’ve still been working over that spoon record
OneLastCigarette: i chewed all the flavor out of it to be honest
JCP001: then i started working through old spoon.
JCP001: they pretty much have a flawless catalog
OneLastCigarette: it was argued by aforementioned music jerks that they were the most consistent band of the 00’s
OneLastCigarette: or the past few years
OneLastCigarette: or some shit
OneLastCigarette: along with the white stripes
OneLastCigarette: i was really high i dont remember any more
JCP001: was there a vote taken before they kicked the disagreeing music geek off nerd island?
OneLastCigarette: korn. what a horrible album
JCP001: so horrible they couldn’t even title the piece of shit.
OneLastCigarette: im putting on spoon
OneLastCigarette: i think ill get some chicken broccoli for dinner
JCP001: zero all around.
OneLastCigarette: i give this one empty look of disgust
JCP001:0star.jpg OneLastCigarette:0star.jpg