OneLastCigarette: just woke up
JCP001: nice
JCP001: i thought about napping. got real close
JCP001: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN2VqFPNS8w
OneLastCigarette: cant watch that here
OneLastCigarette: has to be at work
OneLastCigarette: what is it
JCP001: funny
OneLastCigarette: have you seen chocolate rain?
OneLastCigarette: youtube chocolate rain
JCP001: wait–what??
OneLastCigarette: chocolate rain
OneLastCigarette: just do it and dont ask ?s
JCP001: that dude??
OneLastCigarette: tay zonday
OneLastCigarette: you wanna do this review while i listen to it
JCP001: i’m watching jimmy kimmel and that guy talks like that. weird
OneLastCigarette: thats fucking scary
OneLastCigarette: hes on it right now?
JCP001: no, no, you high bastard
JCP001: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NattlyH0IeM&mode=related&search
OneLastCigarette: then when are we gonna do it
JCP001: yor internets. they are feeble
OneLastCigarette: your mothers cock sucking abilities are not feeble
JCP001: c’mon. don’t go down mom street
JCP001: how many songs of this record do you still have to listen to
OneLastCigarette: 1
OneLastCigarette: i have it on now
OneLastCigarette: and im not gonna listen to it again
JCP001: hate it huh?
OneLastCigarette: this record is weak like a polio kid flippin’ through a wheelchair catalog
JCP001: that was nice. did you use that recently or are you just flowin’?
OneLastCigarette: it just came out of me
OneLastCigarette: brand new
JCP001: fresh out the oven
JCP001: i’m the only one who’s down then
JCP001: dennis hated it
OneLastCigarette: its so boring
OneLastCigarette: you gonna give it a five, fag?
JCP001: i actually thought it was pretty interesting and surprisingly catchy. the vocals are dull though.
OneLastCigarette: whatever
OneLastCigarette: im halfway into the song knights
JCP001: that’s a banga
OneLastCigarette: this thing is a total fucking snooze though
OneLastCigarette: itunes user ratings mean dick
OneLastCigarette: squat
JCP001: who said anything about itunes?
OneLastCigarette: i just did
OneLastCigarette: their user ratings are high for these guys
OneLastCigarette: but they probably have high user ratings for korn on there too
JCP001: all the people who review on their are either 16 yos or aspiring critics who write a fucking thesis on the things
OneLastCigarette: aspiring deeeks
JCP001: 3rd lp . they got indie clout
OneLastCigarette: track 5 isnt that boring
JCP001: dr. L’ling is 2 minutes too long
OneLastCigarette: then nevermind
OneLastCigarette: i wasnt up to the metal guitars
OneLastCigarette: neeer neeeeiir
JCP001: the musicianship is solid. i hate those trippy, jam out bridge bits though
OneLastCigarette: waaaahwaaaah
JCP001: that was your guitar imitation?
OneLastCigarette: yes
JCP001: midtempo not your speed?
OneLastCigarette: this record is not good
OneLastCigarette: bad recs are not my speed
JCP001: they did manage to get a nice shot of hoth for the album cover though.
OneLastCigarette: im glad youre providing this additional info
OneLastCigarette: so i dont have to look
OneLastCigarette: hey didnt we decide you the editor for a reason
OneLastCigarette: namely so that i would never have to edit these
OneLastCigarette: what happened to that
JCP001: what do you rate? 1?
OneLastCigarette: no i was a little harsh
OneLastCigarette: 2
JCP001: this record is good for when i’m stoned and working at night
OneLastCigarette: so it’ll be in your top 25 most played this year
JCP001: i was gonna drop my top 12.5 of the year so far soon. watch for it
JCP001: 4stars.jpg OneLastCigarette: 2stars.jpg