If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of this Ben Lee has made it available here.

OneLastCigarette: yo lets git one of er’ done right now
6:15 PM
JCP001: gimme a few
OneLastCigarette: whats a few
OneLastCigarette: you will come back to an empty IM box
6:20 PM
OneLastCigarette: i cant believe youre actually the best partner i can get
OneLastCigarette: so i wait
6:35 PM
JCP001: what are you going on about, miss sandy vagina?
OneLastCigarette: im here to do the fucking thing
OneLastCigarette: and i wont be here all fuckin day
OneLastCigarette: suzie day planner
JCP001: Ben Lee Sings Against Me! New Wave
OneLastCigarette: pencil me in fag
JCP001: that’s how i do now
OneLastCigarette: what, map out your day on a grid?
JCP001: no, drop the title jack off
OneLastCigarette: choke on an aids dick
JCP001: like your mom’s?
OneLastCigarette: like anybody pays attention to the structure of the title but us
JCP001: so i thought this ben lee record was a joke when you told me about it
OneLastCigarette has gone offline.
6:40 PM
OneLastCigarette is now online.
OneLastCigarette: i would like to note here that jeff has just gone idle mid-review
JCP001: no you signed out on your bootleg internets
JCP001: you signed off, i moved on. i’m a busy guy, mr. babysitter
JCP001: and i’m listening to the record now.
JCP001: i sound ready to me
OneLastCigarette: mr babysitter
OneLastCigarette: remember that when i unexpectedly insult you later
JCP001: do you prefer miss?
OneLastCigarette: it will be just
JCP001: so since when does ben lee look like screech?
JCP001: he really did grow up ugly
OneLastCigarette: was it you who i heard say “ugh, he grew up ugly.”
OneLastCigarette: well then
JCP001: and i said it again. i can reuse previous comedic saying so long as they’re mine.
OneLastCigarette: take it easy
OneLastCigarette: this is like a lofi richard cheese album
JCP001: it’s new wave light. he basically covers it straight before against me! could
JCP001: but acoustically in his high voice.
The person is not currently online.
JCP001: and you went where?
OneLastCigarette: i would rather be a famous partial-birth abortionist than take credit for this
OneLastCigarette: it just ended
JCP001: i don’t think it’s half bad
OneLastCigarette: you are a moron
JCP001: i actually like that he sings the duet solo
JCP001: Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart
JCP001: i’m not into that teagan girl
OneLastCigarette: the only thing ill give this is that its catchy in the way a wedding singer covering pop songs is
OneLastCigarette: a prepubecent wedding singer
OneLastCigarette: at first i was kind of into it until i realized how high and easy to please i felt
JCP001: i would fix that later, but i won’t i like prepu
JCP001: meant to delete that. not press enter
OneLastCigarette: wow what
JCP001: and he did it because he loved the original album…
JCP001: …and he had time on his hands
OneLastCigarette: this means exactly dick to me
JCP001: and a production guy
OneLastCigarette: commonly known as the “producer”
JCP001: i’m just tossing out when i read on his myspace blog
OneLastCigarette: dont edit this conversation at all
JCP001: i’m not trying to change your mind, sandy
OneLastCigarette: i know, but dont take anything out of this
JCP001: still trying to take in that momentary retardation up there?
OneLastCigarette: i hope this doesnt start an irritating trend for b-singer songwriters to cover entire albums of bands who would publicly strip and beat them for being so vag
OneLastCigarette has gone offline.
7:00 PM
JCP001: jesus
The person is not currently online.
OneLastCigarette is now online.
OneLastCigarette: am i online?
JCP001: yes. i hope it does. more fodder for us! kanye’s got a cover album of the new 50 cent ready to drop 2 weeks after graduation
OneLastCigarette: psyched
OneLastCigarette: lets rate this piece of trash
OneLastCigarette: hey, guess my score!
JCP001: i’m not into ben lee but he really can’t ruin already good songs. 3. you’re a douche
OneLastCigarette: yes he can. the kid looks like he could fuck up a wet dream
JCP001:3stars.jpg OneLastCigarette: ? ? ? ? ?