vdelsante: yo
JCP001: oh man
JCP001: the bionic woman was cool
vdelsante: you crazy kids and your tv shows
JCP001: i have a feeling it’s gonna be like alias but with… bionics.
vdelsante: i would have to agree
vdelsante: but with bionics
vdelsante: meanwhile, I’m sitting here watching Van Halen videos on YouTube
JCP001: that’s it?
vdelsante: yeah
vdelsante: i was watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
vdelsante: started falling asleep because I got no sleep last night
vdelsante: and then woke up because it’s so damn hot in here
JCP001: because you have no fans?
JCP001: or ac?
vdelsante: i have a fan
vdelsante: a really powerful one, but it’s still hot
vdelsante: so whats up? did you listen to the album yet?
JCP001: i listened to the first 5-6 songs and cruised through the rest because i was getting bored
JCP001: i got the gist
vdelsante: yeah, the album was largely disappointing
vdelsante: 5 out of the first 6 albums are a great rock albums
vdelsante: and then the bottom dropped out
JCP001: this album is all over the place musically
vdelsante: it was like a few of the other songs are good, but they belong on a different album
vdelsante: yeah
JCP001: they hit you with the their best rock out effort first then drag you through their b-sides for the remaining 45 minutes
vdelsante: they took a lot of those acoustic songs from the last album that they didn’t use and put them on here
vdelsante: oh my god, you totally hit it
vdelsante: that first song is so powerful…it could be a rock anthem, and then it starts to fall apart
JCP001: it’s big.
JCP001: see, my thing about the foo fighters that they have some really good songs but not any solid, really good albums
vdelsante: i don’t necessarily agree with that
vdelsante: I think Colour and the Shape is a great album all the way through
JCP001: my next mission if i choose to accept it will be to make a grammy winning foo fighters playlist
vdelsante: from all their albums?
JCP001: yes
vdelsante: that can’t be that hard to do
vdelsante: look, the last three albums were sloppy
JCP001: they never won anything right?
vdelsante: One by One, In Your Honor, and this one…all over the place
JCP001: i’d wiki them but i’m sure the 17 yo that wrote the “facts” tossed in a grammy or 2 for the hell of it
JCP001: i like “come alive” too
vdelsante: One by One won Best Rock Album
vdelsante: so did There Is Nothing Left to Lose
vdelsante: Nothing Left is probably the last solid effort from beginning to end
JCP001: did you just wiki that?
vdelsante: of course I did!
JCP001: little jimmy in utah is giggling
vdelsante: ’cause I wiki’d?
vdelsante: Come Alive is quite possibly the best song on the album
vdelsante: quite possibly
vdelsante: Pretender is a really strong contender too
vdelsante: Pretender and Contender…two old shows from NBC
JCP001: then i just lose interest
vdelsante: there you go, Little Jimmy in Utah
JCP001: he’s mormon, of course
vdelsante: that’s all there is in Utah
JCP001: and then they get kinda poppy and acousticy towards the end
vdelsante: when i listened back to the album, i realized that 6 out of 13 songs are good
vdelsante: great even
vdelsante: but that’s a failing grade in high school
JCP001: statues is like a jack johnson song.
vdelsante: that’s a very old school classic rock song
JCP001: none of these songs at the end belong on the same album as the first 5-6
vdelsante: i agree 150%
vdelsante: Anything after Summer’s End is a throwaway
JCP001: they start off strong out of the gate but… that’s it
vdelsante: they don’t hit a wall immediately
vdelsante: they jump out and suddenly realize it’s a race, not a sprint
JCP001: they just run out of steam
vdelsante: yeah
JCP001: as if jaime sommers’ boinics failed her mid sprint
vdelsante: you love that show already
JCP001: 150%
vdelsante: you’re a mark
JCP001: how’s that?
vdelsante: it’s like being a Hulk Hogan fan in ’84
vdelsante: you saw him body slam an Iranian sheik and you think he’s the greatest thing in the world
JCP001: dude they pulled some david fincher shit on her legs when she first started hauling ass
vdelsante: you know, I should have watched it because I keep remembering how they did super speed in the 70’s
vdelsante: …they’d slow all the movement down
vdelsante: how does that work?
JCP001: and they have cast members from my other geek love, battlestar galactica
vdelsante: just Starbuck, right?
JCP001: watch a divid fincher movie, we’ll talk
JCP001: the Chief and the lawyer dude from last season
vdelsante: oh, I’ve never seen Se7en or Fight Club
vdelsante: asshole
JCP001: starbuck looks slimmer but she’s still beat
vdelsante: aw!
vdelsante: Katee!
vdelsante: Let the record show that Whitey Blaq hates the ladies
JCP001: no, just the beat ones
vdelsante: haha
vdelsante: how dare you try to call me out on David Fincher
vdelsante: I haven’t seen Zodiac yet though
vdelsante: and Panic Room
JCP001: alien 3? c’mon
vdelsante: saw Alien 3
JCP001: the rock!
vdelsante: but not The Game
vdelsante: The Rock?
vdelsante: what are you talking about?
JCP001: charles dutton
vdelsante: hahaha
vdelsante: oh my god
vdelsante: that dude killed a dude, you know
JCP001: did he? makes him even fucking cooler
vdelsante: Fincher is supposed to do Torso (which was a Bendis comic)
JCP001: with his bare hands i hope
vdelsante: probably just a gun
vdelsante: some dudes are weak like that
JCP001: rate this shit. i’m already dragging off the 2 songs i like onto a better playlist.
vdelsante: haha
vdelsante: what’s the halfway point?
vdelsante: like directly in the middle?
vdelsante: 2.5?
JCP001: i’m giving it a 2
vdelsante: ouch!
JCP001: you can have a 3, if you like
vdelsante: is it out of 5?
vdelsante: or 6?
JCP001: 5
JCP001: four is like pudge territory
vdelsante: I’ll give it a three
vdelsante: barely
JCP001: i’m sure no one scrolls to the bottom immediately. our banter is just too witty not to read
JCP001:2stars.jpg vdelsante:3stars.jpg