This is NOT the cover art. There is actually cover art but, honestly, I didn’t have time to hunt it down. Plus there are also a ton of people making their own. Some okay, some not okay. You can see what the actual art looks like on the Radiohead site. C’mon, I can’t do everything for you. Happy hunting. Also, our guest reviewer this time ’round runs this site here. All Hail Modok!

Well, well, well. Look what we found. Not only the front but the back as well. Kudos to Lenny. He navigates the web like the inside of your mom’s panties.

brocbrock: you there?
JCP001: yeah. one sec
brocbrock: I’m putting on my super totally awesome headphones. Just sayin.
JCP001: are they those big dj head phones that need an adapter to plug it into anything?
brocbrock: yep. they weigh like 5 pounds and say ‘noise cancellation.’ which I’m pretty sure is bullshit.
brocbrock: are there any ground rules here other than trying not to say I’d have Thom Yorke’s weird looking babies?
JCP001: not really. free reign to kiss his lopsided face all you like
brocbrock: I didn’t say I’d kiss him.
JCP001: worked for julia roberts
brocbrock: Exactly.
brocbrock: first impressions?
JCP001: first round i wasn’t wasn’t impressed. even if it was a free record. i was like, “oh good, squarepusher meets radiohead… again.”
JCP001: that’s right. free. I gave them £0.00
JCP001: some other dude who didn’t know there was a USD conversion table link on the site paid for my record when he gave them £10. jackasses
brocbrock: I have to agree on that early on. By the way, I paid the £40. US/UK conversion’s a bitch. My heavy vinyl’s gonna be sweet. I just need a record player
JCP001: i’m not a collector. i don’t care. i just want the songs.
brocbrock: My buddy said “it’s boring.” Which I can’t entirely disagree with.
brocbrock: I’m not a collector either except with these guys. What can I say? I’m a fan.
brocbrock: But this new shit is, at the outset, not especially striking.
JCP001: i like radiohead. they’re not the end all and be all of everything. they’re just a band–thom yorke and some other dudes no one knows the names of.
JCP001: it’s grower
brocbrock: J. Greenwood, C. Greenwood, Phil Selway. Without whose drumming, would make Radiohead Thom Yorke’s trance project. Thank god for Selway.
JCP001: i have no way of telling if you looked that up
brocbrock: a little check to the spelling should probably prove I didn’t.
JCP001: one guy looks like Aaron from 24. the secret service guy
brocbrock: I don’t own a TV. Radiohead told me to throw it out
JCP001: but yeah, after a bunch of listens it grew on me. there’s something lo-fi about it like there’s something lo-fi about spoon.
brocbrock: yes definitely. it’s real stripped down and recorded simply.
“Faust Arp,” I’m pretty sure, is the most blatant “We would like to be The Beatles” piece of music that’s actually good I’ve ever heard.
brocbrock: What’s the best song on this thing? I’m going straight for the jugular.
JCP001: i read somewhere that a majority of these songs are old–played live and never recorded. what say you, radiohead geek?
JCP001: is there a term for radioheadites?
JCP001: 15 step or reckoner. leaning more towards reckoner
brocbrock: I believe it’s “assholes who aren’t actually assholes” long, I know, but…yeah.
brocbrock: Yeah a lot of this stuff has been in the live sets for a while
brocbrock: 15 step, when that bass line comes in just for a second and disappears, I have to change my shorts after that.
JCP001: i like weird fishes and bodysnatchers a lot too
brocbrock: I’m pretty sure Yorke’s the only guy who can sing “I get eaten by the worms and weird fishes” without me laughing at him.
JCP001: yeah i skipped googling the lyrics
JCP001: i’m not big on deciphering lyrics
brocbrock: I’m afraid they might disappoint on this one. “I don’t want to be your friend, I just want to be your lover.” I dunno about that shit.
JCP001: yorke likes to make weird babies
brocbrock: Yep. Weird, weird fucking babies. Am I allowed to swear? I swear alot when talking about Radiohead because I have trouble articulating my level of worship…
JCP001: they also inadvertently turned the industry on it’s ear which earns them points
brocbrock: yes, this band has in my mind done a lot to engage people about certain things…things in the industry that are effed
brocbrock: I really like “Videotape” a lot as well.
brocbrock: the thing about this record, I think, is that it’s more pretty than groundbreaking.
JCP001: musically it’s a good record. how they went about getting it out there was groundbreaking. i’m into bands doing it on their own.
JCP001: i like that kind of initiative or ethic
brocbrock: me too, bigtime.
JCP001: i did a punk/comic zine years ago so some of that crap sticks with me
brocbrock: gotcha. It’s the best way to make music. these guys have been on that tip for a long time. after their second record made a ton of money, they just bought a ton of recording equipment and they’ve been sort of doing things on their own terms ever since I think. with or without Capitol Records. I think the symbolic move of releasing this themselves is an admirable way to go about things. They pre-empted the leak and gave it away for free. Granted, they can afford it, but it’s still big.
brocbrock: if you had to call Radiohead a jam band or a punk band–no other choices–what would you call ’em?
JCP001: jam.
brocbrock: me too.
brocbrock: I just hope they quit while they’re ahead so I don’t have to be that guy buying “special burritos” at their washed up concerts 20 years from now. That would suck.
JCP001: they’re smart enough i think to end on a high note. i think they’ll know when they’re done
brocbrock: yeah I agree.
brocbrock: So you have anything else to say about this thing?
JCP001: i’m pretty much done. like i said it’s good record, the way they went about releasing it gives them points. top marks for yorke… and joe, jim, steve and edgar or whatever their names are
JCP001: they always have, like dirty, stretched white t-shirts on in press shots. they got their loot invested son
brocbrock: Yeah, I think, like you said, it’s a grower for sure. I have to say almost every record this band has made after OK computer has been a grower, and I’m fine with that. My favorite records are the ones that took the longest to really get into. And Thom, if you’re reading this, my number’s 860-THOM-ROX.
brocbrock: dude they’re building a space ship to ride the hell out of here when the world collapses, which they’ve predicted by tapping into the brain of Thom’s weird baby.
JCP001: it just has a huge hairless head and a droopy eye. it would look like modok
brocbrock: wait, is that the thing in Total Recall? cuz if so, you’re awesome
JCP001: no but that’s better! (Ed. Note: I take that back. NOTHING is better than Baby Modok –JCP001)
brocbrock: oh yeah that’s quato or something. what’s modok?
JCP001: i’m was going to make a felatio joke but i don’t know you well enough
brocbrock: I spend every radiohead coversation trying not to suck their dicks. its ok.
JCP001: you’d give them 6 fingers if you could. 5 for the record and one to stick up yorke’s ass while you blow him. there.
brocbrock: and I’m keeping my fingers clean on this one. Five out of six for me. wait. can I do five and a half? fuck.
JCP001: this ain’t pitchfork, buddy. no point anything
brocbrock: what’s pitchfork?
JCP001: good answer
JCP001:5stars.jpg brocbrock:5stars.jpg