JCP001: good job finding that cover art
OneLastCigarette: it was pretty hard to find
JCP001: right?
JCP001: fucking nigh impossible
JCP001: where’d you find it?
OneLastCigarette: i like the one with yorke as a leprechan
OneLastCigarette: stereogum
JCP001: did you look there or did you try to google it
OneLastCigarette: its in my favorites, but it came up like 7th in google
OneLastCigarette: jay z mixtape sucks
OneLastCigarette: but the 2 songs i heard off the actual album are good
JCP001: are we doing jew this week?
JCP001: i has new thrice too
OneLastCigarette: lets do it right now
OneLastCigarette: no rehearsal time necessary
JCP001: and me with no comics to read….
JCP001: goddamn it
OneLastCigarette: i have to put my clothes in the dryer downstairs
JCP001: do it
OneLastCigarette: 8 minutes left on the washer
OneLastCigarette: listening to jimmy eat world is like having a ******** *******. youre *********** in ***** of **** *******, but you still listen to everything they say
OneLastCigarette: this is not the band i saw as a 16 year old boy in the blistering heat crying and drooling and wailing into the microphone
OneLastCigarette: did you leave ben holding onto his cock like this?
OneLastCigarette: my balls are cold
OneLastCigarette: no. i want that to read: “my balls are cold, daddy”
JCP001: the daddy thing is creepy
JCP001: i do not approve
OneLastCigarette: you got nine minutes til i have to start folding
JCP001: i don’t. i’m not wholeheartedly into this. i figured this record would rule considering how mediocre the last one was
JCP001: i like 2 whole songs on this record. big casino and gotta be somebody’s blues.
OneLastCigarette: since clarity each album has been a little more boring than the last
JCP001: i mean, the cover art looks like a vaj so i guess it lets you know what you’re getting into off the bat
OneLastCigarette: i liked the song distraction from the demo version of this and they took it off of the actual release
JCP001: creampie style
JCP001: i didn’t hear it
JCP001: there are a lot of crappy throw-away pop songs on this.
JCP001: electable has a good middle part. it’s like a cheese steak without the bread though
OneLastCigarette: always be starts off good in the same way and ends in a pile of bubble gum vomit
JCP001: wtf happened?
OneLastCigarette: feeling lucky has a good start too, then *fart sound*
JCP001: it’s horribly disappointing
OneLastCigarette: what happened when
OneLastCigarette: oh with this?
OneLastCigarette: theyre not good anymore
JCP001: obviously
OneLastCigarette: they were good for like…five minutes
JCP001: they went downhill with that awful jebediah split
JCP001: bleed american had more than 2 good songs on it at least
OneLastCigarette: yeah whoever that is
OneLastCigarette: bleed american is a decent album
JCP001: decent.
OneLastCigarette: futures even has one or two good pop songs on it or maybe im thinking of the songs they scrapped…
JCP001: there’s some good stuff on there. i like me some pop but I kinda want huge emo power-ballads
JCP001: bleed american
JCP001: not futures
OneLastCigarette: i wanna feel like im gonna cry when the triangle comes in
OneLastCigarette: i dont feel that here
JCP001: i’m numb. i’m not even disgusted.
OneLastCigarette: its too boring to even get mad about
JCP001: i updated the site btw, with the new art
OneLastCigarette: i was wondering when ye were gonna do that
JCP001: dude, last time we spoke about this album you said it was a grower. nah-uh
JCP001: it grows like a rash on your nasty ass
OneLastCigarette: i apologize for my apparent inability to spot a “grower” then
JCP001: you’ve been okay in the past, this, notsomuch
OneLastCigarette: i wasnt exactly paying attention this time
JCP001: and they always put the gay emo song at the end. they need to reassess that in the future. they’ve become predictable
OneLastCigarette: my musical equilibrium has been off lately
OneLastCigarette: im pretty much done with these dudes
JCP001: you’ve lost your powers
OneLastCigarette: and i gained like 7 lbs
OneLastCigarette: but i digress…
JCP001: ooh
JCP001: this distraction song blows too
OneLastCigarette: meh
OneLastCigarette: i feel like one of my kids did something really horrible. not angry, just sad
JCP001: disappointment is so much worse
OneLastCigarette: the remastered re release of clarity though, that shit sounds great
JCP001: they get a 2 from me and an”E” for ENOUGH. kthnxbai
OneLastCigarette: you should check that out
OneLastCigarette: i thought you werent high
JCP001: i’m not
JCP001: phone
JCP001: i’m done with this. rate?
OneLastCigarette: 2
OneLastCigarette: jeff
OneLastCigarette: take out the ******** ******* thing
OneLastCigarette: i forgot my friend has a ******** *******
OneLastCigarette: and hes really sensitive about it
OneLastCigarette: **** **** **** ******* *** ******** if you understand
JCP001: lol
JCP001: change it
OneLastCigarette: to what
OneLastCigarette: i cant think of anything
JCP001: since when do you care about offending?
OneLastCigarette: change it to ****** ****** *******
OneLastCigarette: or something
JCP001:2stars.jpg OneLastCigarette:2stars.jpg