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JCP001: yo
JCP001: i enjoy these quiet moments we share
OneLastCigarette: bro
OneLastCigarette: i talk
OneLastCigarette: and you respond
OneLastCigarette: and then i talk
OneLastCigarette: and you disappear
JCP001: brb.
JCP001: we need to do the record so we can confuse a whole new set of readers with our ridiculously simple format
OneLastCigarette: im lord of the wu sword, you know what that means like jrr tolkien is the lord of the rings
OneLastCigarette: bobby digi
JCP001: bobby boulders. and he totally says J.R. Tolkien
OneLastCigarette: are we on right now?
JCP001: we’re live
OneLastCigarette: ok so we’ve been at it like an hour and we have nothing we can use
OneLastCigarette: just a bunch of talk about illicit drugs and statutory matters
OneLastCigarette: that seems like a good intro
JCP001: know why we got nothing? we reviewed it on the phone the other night. i’m not talking to you anymore. it’s bad for business
JCP001: The Heart Gently Weeps is definitely worth all the hype around it
OneLastCigarette: anything where they’re shouting pathmark and macys out is special
JCP001: shots was whizzin’ hittin’clorex bottles
OneLastCigarette: next day we read in the paper, man who came to kill gets knocked out
OneLastCigarette: its genius
OneLastCigarette: black super hero music
JCP001: the wu are like their own entity, they never team up with other ny rappers
OneLastCigarette: well theres the album meth did with redman, but not as a group, no.
JCP001: i liked them more when they all had fanged grills
JCP001: for sucking the blood from the record industry
OneLastCigarette: theres been a signifigant loss of fire, but theyre still better than 98% of rappers
JCP001: i heard some song that sampled CREAM today. paul was watching sucka free sunday
JCP001: i think they becamse caricatures of themselves and people don’t take them for serious
JCP001: gza, mef, ghost, rza ans deck are the best of the bunch
OneLastCigarette: big black baby jesus R.I.P.
JCP001: that goes without saying
OneLastCigarette: i like george clinton singing the hook on wolves
JCP001: the album kinda loses momentum after that
OneLastCigarette: pop momentum sure, theres still dope verses after though
JCP001: wu albums are unique. rza sample experiments
OneLastCigarette: i remember like 10 years ago he said they had records that people arent even ready for
OneLastCigarette: i wonder if any of those are them
OneLastCigarette: or they were just bluffing
JCP001: 36 chambers came out almost 15 years ago.
JCP001: and every solo project is like a mini wu record
JCP001: we gotta do this tomorrow when i’m not exhausted and you’re around. douche
JCP001: i’m droppin’ it but you’re not picking it up
OneLastCigarette: im here
OneLastCigarette: why does it have to be in real time?
OneLastCigarette: we’re not saying anything funny
JCP001: we may have to do the remix tomorrow. this blows
OneLastCigarette: i told you this was gonna happen
JCP001: i was ready the other day but you weren’t
OneLastCigarette: i mean i told you i wasnt gonna have much to say
JCP001: it’s like when you’re trying to get laid and your mom has a headache
OneLastCigarette: you were just waiting to shove that in somewhere huh
JCP001: i should have done this with seth
OneLastCigarette: no that doesnt work either
OneLastCigarette: our first piece of publicity and you bring your mistress
OneLastCigarette: what does the dialog at the end of life changes mean?
JCP001: it’s mandarin and i don’t speak it
OneLastCigarette: how did you know it was mandarin specifically?
JCP001: are you being a dick?
OneLastCigarette: what?
JCP001: i’ve seen enough kung-fu movies to know
OneLastCigarette: i dont believe you
OneLastCigarette: im gonna test you
JCP001: please do
OneLastCigarette: thing about the wu is they had a sick gimmick, but they didnt necessarily need it to survive
OneLastCigarette: relaxin, sittin backsin’
JCP001: i could do without a lot of the movie samples now
OneLastCigarette: the one about beating the wolf is great
JCP001: i decided the paper’s (Staten Island Advance) only getting part of this and no rating
OneLastCigarette: youre like the drunken master of PR
OneLastCigarette: only high
JCP001: i told you my landlord came by to pick up rent and kept calling me johnny right? i’m convinced he was stoned
OneLastCigarette: yes. im enjoying it just as much the second time
JCP001: i got a flying guillotine with a xxl basket to fit your fat head. protect your neck
OneLastCigarette: i saw a thing today
OneLastCigarette: was a quote of a person saying what the fuck does wtf mean
JCP001: didn’t know internet shorthand?
OneLastCigarette: i guess
OneLastCigarette: are you familiar with ddr?
JCP001: ?
OneLastCigarette: dance dance revolution
JCP001: lol
OneLastCigarette: that site is great
OneLastCigarette: check the top 50
OneLastCigarette: #15910 (87/189) My band is called Imation CDR 74m 650 MB….have you seen our CD’s?
JCP001: lol
JCP001: i’m crying
OneLastCigarette: i was on here for hours
OneLastCigarette: #16292 (54/168) ooop that almost wasn’t a fart. Brb.
JCP001: made me drop my smoke
JCP001: lol
JCP001: dirty food???
JCP001: okay. rate. me. bed
OneLastCigarette: i dont know
OneLastCigarette: 4
JCP001: real close to 5. wwtds?
OneLastCigarette: he’s waiting to see what pitchfork says
JCP001: a 4 for the boys who put our borough on the map
JCP001: i love me some kevin devine but he’s not gonna do it
OneLastCigarette: you must mean personally, cause i dont remember you using the word love to describe your feelings for his records
OneLastCigarette: oh and you live in brooklyn, like ben johnson
OneLastCigarette: you mean my borough
OneLastCigarette: me and d nizzle
JCP001: i tell people i’m from there. i don’t front
JCP001: you’re only back there because isreal kicked you out
OneLastCigarette: have you seen this?
JCP001: yes, you high dick
JCP001: but it’s still funny
OneLastCigarette: very
JCP001:4stars.jpg OneLastCigarette:4stars.jpg



OneLastCigarette: if we’re ding jay z we really shouldnt wait any longer
JCP001: we’ll ding the shit out of it
OneLastCigarette: what
JCP001: exactly what I said
OneLastCigarette: ding the shit out of what
OneLastCigarette: im too high for this your tomfoolery
OneLastCigarette: dont go trailing off please
OneLastCigarette: you interrupt the flow
JCP001: you and your flow
OneLastCigarette: dont use my own vagina jokes against me
JCP001: like a Tampon Don i interupt the flow
OneLastCigarette: i have a lot to say about this album, i just hope i remember it all
JCP001: i have very little to say except jay-z had to make a better comeback album since his first comeback was a wet fart
OneLastCigarette: i wanna start off with something from the article i read about kanyes song big brother which is about jay-z, as you know.
OneLastCigarette: apparently when kanye says he was told he could “buy two tickets” it was because he wanted six and jay would only give him 4. it was a charity event
JCP001: okay
OneLastCigarette: yes, the last jay-z album was decidedly swampy…
OneLastCigarette: soft and wet
OneLastCigarette: kind of corny, like a frontwards yankee hat
JCP001: it was really awful. all those just blaze songs really suck. like abysmally
JCP001: he realized what he did wrong with kingdom come and did the opposite with this
OneLastCigarette: he shoulda used johnny blaze instead (aka Ticallion Stallion, Shakwon, Methical, the MZA; b. Clifford Smith)
OneLastCigarette: aka method man
OneLastCigarette: i think he got lucky. i dont think he has the power to say “that one was bad, so this one will be good”
OneLastCigarette: it was just time for another good album to come out of him
JCP001: he shat this baby out quick
OneLastCigarette: like what if the movie american gangster was never made
JCP001: then i’m sure he would have been inspired while he watched scarface for the millionth time
OneLastCigarette: the only songs i flat out dont like listening to are “party life” and “say hello”
OneLastCigarette: he said “scarface the movie did more than scarface the rapper for me”
JCP001: the only song i dislike is “I know”
OneLastCigarette: its one of my lesser liked tracks yeah
JCP001: 14 outta 15 isn’t bad
OneLastCigarette: beyonce and kanye west have uncredited vocals on roc boys (and the winner is)
OneLastCigarette: im bringing factoids back
JCP001: look at you googling
JCP001: you got lazy with the factoids. i tried bringing it back a awhile ago but you weren’t having it
OneLastCigarette: you insulted them one time and i stopped
JCP001: not i
OneLastCigarette: you or some other jerk
OneLastCigarette: what about the most intriguing factoid of all
OneLastCigarette: p. diddy produced half of this album
JCP001: interesting. yeah the song titles of this record aren’t followed by (feat.) or (Produced by)
JCP001: at least not many
OneLastCigarette: maybe “blue magic” says it because its one of the bonus tracks (along with the title track)
JCP001: sneaking in a factoid?
OneLastCigarette: youre not supposed be blowing me up
OneLastCigarette: in broad daylight
JCP001: next time don’t be so obvious.
JCP001: jiggaman gets a 5 from me. i’m totally blowing my load and rolling over tonight.
OneLastCigarette: why would you do that?
JCP001: cuz i’m exhausted and sick
OneLastCigarette: we havent talked about nas, beanie siegel or lil wayne
OneLastCigarette: i think nas performed poorly, maybe even on purpose
OneLastCigarette: like when shawn michaels lets hulk hogan beat him with a leg drop
OneLastCigarette: i think the beanie verse is so so
OneLastCigarette: and i like little wayne singing that hook. hes one of my favorite rappers.
OneLastCigarette: mtv even named him hottest rapper in the game
JCP001: oh mtv knows
OneLastCigarette: i give this record a 4
JCP001: why is that?
OneLastCigarette: 5 is the highest score which means its for a perfect album, this album is not perfect
JCP001: you’ve been hanging out with duffy too much
OneLastCigarette: you give out 5’s like theyre going out of style
JCP001: so overall it’ll get a 9.
JCP001: not perfect
JCP001:5stars.jpg OneLastCigarette:4stars.jpg