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This is NOT the cover art. There is actually cover art but, honestly, I didn’t have time to hunt it down. Plus there are also a ton of people making their own. Some okay, some not okay. You can see what the actual art looks like on the Radiohead site. C’mon, I can’t do everything for you. Happy hunting. Also, our guest reviewer this time ’round runs this site here. All Hail Modok!

Well, well, well. Look what we found. Not only the front but the back as well. Kudos to Lenny. He navigates the web like the inside of your mom’s panties.

brocbrock: you there?
JCP001: yeah. one sec
brocbrock: I’m putting on my super totally awesome headphones. Just sayin.
JCP001: are they those big dj head phones that need an adapter to plug it into anything?
brocbrock: yep. they weigh like 5 pounds and say ‘noise cancellation.’ which I’m pretty sure is bullshit.
brocbrock: are there any ground rules here other than trying not to say I’d have Thom Yorke’s weird looking babies?
JCP001: not really. free reign to kiss his lopsided face all you like
brocbrock: I didn’t say I’d kiss him.
JCP001: worked for julia roberts
brocbrock: Exactly.
brocbrock: first impressions?
JCP001: first round i wasn’t wasn’t impressed. even if it was a free record. i was like, “oh good, squarepusher meets radiohead… again.”
JCP001: that’s right. free. I gave them £0.00
JCP001: some other dude who didn’t know there was a USD conversion table link on the site paid for my record when he gave them £10. jackasses
brocbrock: I have to agree on that early on. By the way, I paid the £40. US/UK conversion’s a bitch. My heavy vinyl’s gonna be sweet. I just need a record player
JCP001: i’m not a collector. i don’t care. i just want the songs.
brocbrock: My buddy said “it’s boring.” Which I can’t entirely disagree with.
brocbrock: I’m not a collector either except with these guys. What can I say? I’m a fan.
brocbrock: But this new shit is, at the outset, not especially striking.
JCP001: i like radiohead. they’re not the end all and be all of everything. they’re just a band–thom yorke and some other dudes no one knows the names of.
JCP001: it’s grower
brocbrock: J. Greenwood, C. Greenwood, Phil Selway. Without whose drumming, would make Radiohead Thom Yorke’s trance project. Thank god for Selway.
JCP001: i have no way of telling if you looked that up
brocbrock: a little check to the spelling should probably prove I didn’t.
JCP001: one guy looks like Aaron from 24. the secret service guy
brocbrock: I don’t own a TV. Radiohead told me to throw it out
JCP001: but yeah, after a bunch of listens it grew on me. there’s something lo-fi about it like there’s something lo-fi about spoon.
brocbrock: yes definitely. it’s real stripped down and recorded simply.
“Faust Arp,” I’m pretty sure, is the most blatant “We would like to be The Beatles” piece of music that’s actually good I’ve ever heard.
brocbrock: What’s the best song on this thing? I’m going straight for the jugular.
JCP001: i read somewhere that a majority of these songs are old–played live and never recorded. what say you, radiohead geek?
JCP001: is there a term for radioheadites?
JCP001: 15 step or reckoner. leaning more towards reckoner
brocbrock: I believe it’s “assholes who aren’t actually assholes” long, I know, but…yeah.
brocbrock: Yeah a lot of this stuff has been in the live sets for a while
brocbrock: 15 step, when that bass line comes in just for a second and disappears, I have to change my shorts after that.
JCP001: i like weird fishes and bodysnatchers a lot too
brocbrock: I’m pretty sure Yorke’s the only guy who can sing “I get eaten by the worms and weird fishes” without me laughing at him.
JCP001: yeah i skipped googling the lyrics
JCP001: i’m not big on deciphering lyrics
brocbrock: I’m afraid they might disappoint on this one. “I don’t want to be your friend, I just want to be your lover.” I dunno about that shit.
JCP001: yorke likes to make weird babies
brocbrock: Yep. Weird, weird fucking babies. Am I allowed to swear? I swear alot when talking about Radiohead because I have trouble articulating my level of worship…
JCP001: they also inadvertently turned the industry on it’s ear which earns them points
brocbrock: yes, this band has in my mind done a lot to engage people about certain things…things in the industry that are effed
brocbrock: I really like “Videotape” a lot as well.
brocbrock: the thing about this record, I think, is that it’s more pretty than groundbreaking.
JCP001: musically it’s a good record. how they went about getting it out there was groundbreaking. i’m into bands doing it on their own.
JCP001: i like that kind of initiative or ethic
brocbrock: me too, bigtime.
JCP001: i did a punk/comic zine years ago so some of that crap sticks with me
brocbrock: gotcha. It’s the best way to make music. these guys have been on that tip for a long time. after their second record made a ton of money, they just bought a ton of recording equipment and they’ve been sort of doing things on their own terms ever since I think. with or without Capitol Records. I think the symbolic move of releasing this themselves is an admirable way to go about things. They pre-empted the leak and gave it away for free. Granted, they can afford it, but it’s still big.
brocbrock: if you had to call Radiohead a jam band or a punk band–no other choices–what would you call ’em?
JCP001: jam.
brocbrock: me too.
brocbrock: I just hope they quit while they’re ahead so I don’t have to be that guy buying “special burritos” at their washed up concerts 20 years from now. That would suck.
JCP001: they’re smart enough i think to end on a high note. i think they’ll know when they’re done
brocbrock: yeah I agree.
brocbrock: So you have anything else to say about this thing?
JCP001: i’m pretty much done. like i said it’s good record, the way they went about releasing it gives them points. top marks for yorke… and joe, jim, steve and edgar or whatever their names are
JCP001: they always have, like dirty, stretched white t-shirts on in press shots. they got their loot invested son
brocbrock: Yeah, I think, like you said, it’s a grower for sure. I have to say almost every record this band has made after OK computer has been a grower, and I’m fine with that. My favorite records are the ones that took the longest to really get into. And Thom, if you’re reading this, my number’s 860-THOM-ROX.
brocbrock: dude they’re building a space ship to ride the hell out of here when the world collapses, which they’ve predicted by tapping into the brain of Thom’s weird baby.
JCP001: it just has a huge hairless head and a droopy eye. it would look like modok
brocbrock: wait, is that the thing in Total Recall? cuz if so, you’re awesome
JCP001: no but that’s better! (Ed. Note: I take that back. NOTHING is better than Baby Modok –JCP001)
brocbrock: oh yeah that’s quato or something. what’s modok?
JCP001: i’m was going to make a felatio joke but i don’t know you well enough
brocbrock: I spend every radiohead coversation trying not to suck their dicks. its ok.
JCP001: you’d give them 6 fingers if you could. 5 for the record and one to stick up yorke’s ass while you blow him. there.
brocbrock: and I’m keeping my fingers clean on this one. Five out of six for me. wait. can I do five and a half? fuck.
JCP001: this ain’t pitchfork, buddy. no point anything
brocbrock: what’s pitchfork?
JCP001: good answer
JCP001:5stars.jpg brocbrock:5stars.jpg



vdelsante: yo
JCP001: oh man
JCP001: the bionic woman was cool
vdelsante: you crazy kids and your tv shows
JCP001: i have a feeling it’s gonna be like alias but with… bionics.
vdelsante: i would have to agree
vdelsante: but with bionics
vdelsante: meanwhile, I’m sitting here watching Van Halen videos on YouTube
JCP001: that’s it?
vdelsante: yeah
vdelsante: i was watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
vdelsante: started falling asleep because I got no sleep last night
vdelsante: and then woke up because it’s so damn hot in here
JCP001: because you have no fans?
JCP001: or ac?
vdelsante: i have a fan
vdelsante: a really powerful one, but it’s still hot
vdelsante: so whats up? did you listen to the album yet?
JCP001: i listened to the first 5-6 songs and cruised through the rest because i was getting bored
JCP001: i got the gist
vdelsante: yeah, the album was largely disappointing
vdelsante: 5 out of the first 6 albums are a great rock albums
vdelsante: and then the bottom dropped out
JCP001: this album is all over the place musically
vdelsante: it was like a few of the other songs are good, but they belong on a different album
vdelsante: yeah
JCP001: they hit you with the their best rock out effort first then drag you through their b-sides for the remaining 45 minutes
vdelsante: they took a lot of those acoustic songs from the last album that they didn’t use and put them on here
vdelsante: oh my god, you totally hit it
vdelsante: that first song is so powerful…it could be a rock anthem, and then it starts to fall apart
JCP001: it’s big.
JCP001: see, my thing about the foo fighters that they have some really good songs but not any solid, really good albums
vdelsante: i don’t necessarily agree with that
vdelsante: I think Colour and the Shape is a great album all the way through
JCP001: my next mission if i choose to accept it will be to make a grammy winning foo fighters playlist
vdelsante: from all their albums?
JCP001: yes
vdelsante: that can’t be that hard to do
vdelsante: look, the last three albums were sloppy
JCP001: they never won anything right?
vdelsante: One by One, In Your Honor, and this one…all over the place
JCP001: i’d wiki them but i’m sure the 17 yo that wrote the “facts” tossed in a grammy or 2 for the hell of it
JCP001: i like “come alive” too
vdelsante: One by One won Best Rock Album
vdelsante: so did There Is Nothing Left to Lose
vdelsante: Nothing Left is probably the last solid effort from beginning to end
JCP001: did you just wiki that?
vdelsante: of course I did!
JCP001: little jimmy in utah is giggling
vdelsante: ’cause I wiki’d?
vdelsante: Come Alive is quite possibly the best song on the album
vdelsante: quite possibly
vdelsante: Pretender is a really strong contender too
vdelsante: Pretender and Contender…two old shows from NBC
JCP001: then i just lose interest
vdelsante: there you go, Little Jimmy in Utah
JCP001: he’s mormon, of course
vdelsante: that’s all there is in Utah
JCP001: and then they get kinda poppy and acousticy towards the end
vdelsante: when i listened back to the album, i realized that 6 out of 13 songs are good
vdelsante: great even
vdelsante: but that’s a failing grade in high school
JCP001: statues is like a jack johnson song.
vdelsante: that’s a very old school classic rock song
JCP001: none of these songs at the end belong on the same album as the first 5-6
vdelsante: i agree 150%
vdelsante: Anything after Summer’s End is a throwaway
JCP001: they start off strong out of the gate but… that’s it
vdelsante: they don’t hit a wall immediately
vdelsante: they jump out and suddenly realize it’s a race, not a sprint
JCP001: they just run out of steam
vdelsante: yeah
JCP001: as if jaime sommers’ boinics failed her mid sprint
vdelsante: you love that show already
JCP001: 150%
vdelsante: you’re a mark
JCP001: how’s that?
vdelsante: it’s like being a Hulk Hogan fan in ’84
vdelsante: you saw him body slam an Iranian sheik and you think he’s the greatest thing in the world
JCP001: dude they pulled some david fincher shit on her legs when she first started hauling ass
vdelsante: you know, I should have watched it because I keep remembering how they did super speed in the 70’s
vdelsante: …they’d slow all the movement down
vdelsante: how does that work?
JCP001: and they have cast members from my other geek love, battlestar galactica
vdelsante: just Starbuck, right?
JCP001: watch a divid fincher movie, we’ll talk
JCP001: the Chief and the lawyer dude from last season
vdelsante: oh, I’ve never seen Se7en or Fight Club
vdelsante: asshole
JCP001: starbuck looks slimmer but she’s still beat
vdelsante: aw!
vdelsante: Katee!
vdelsante: Let the record show that Whitey Blaq hates the ladies
JCP001: no, just the beat ones
vdelsante: haha
vdelsante: how dare you try to call me out on David Fincher
vdelsante: I haven’t seen Zodiac yet though
vdelsante: and Panic Room
JCP001: alien 3? c’mon
vdelsante: saw Alien 3
JCP001: the rock!
vdelsante: but not The Game
vdelsante: The Rock?
vdelsante: what are you talking about?
JCP001: charles dutton
vdelsante: hahaha
vdelsante: oh my god
vdelsante: that dude killed a dude, you know
JCP001: did he? makes him even fucking cooler
vdelsante: Fincher is supposed to do Torso (which was a Bendis comic)
JCP001: with his bare hands i hope
vdelsante: probably just a gun
vdelsante: some dudes are weak like that
JCP001: rate this shit. i’m already dragging off the 2 songs i like onto a better playlist.
vdelsante: haha
vdelsante: what’s the halfway point?
vdelsante: like directly in the middle?
vdelsante: 2.5?
JCP001: i’m giving it a 2
vdelsante: ouch!
JCP001: you can have a 3, if you like
vdelsante: is it out of 5?
vdelsante: or 6?
JCP001: 5
JCP001: four is like pudge territory
vdelsante: I’ll give it a three
vdelsante: barely
JCP001: i’m sure no one scrolls to the bottom immediately. our banter is just too witty not to read
JCP001:2stars.jpg vdelsante:3stars.jpg


Due to a lack of internet connection the part of OneLastCigarette will be played by SaulGood until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

SaulGood: dude..i know you’re busy but there’s a show on VH1 called PROJECT MAN BAND
SaulGood: i think we can sue
JCP001: wtf is project man band?
SaulGood: they took all these former boy band members and formed a band hoping that “lighting will strike twice”
SaulGood: i think it struck the first time but i missed it.
JCP001: who’s on it?
SaulGood: not sure. all those dudes look the same.
JCP001: and you say you don’t need cable
SaulGood: i think that’s enough reason not to want cable.
SaulGood: though, ROCK OF LOVE is retarded enough to be fascinated with…on a mentally challenged kind of level.
JCP001: wtf is that?
SaulGood: it’s a Brett Michaels reality show
SaulGood: he pretty much makes out with semi hot girls the entire time
JCP001: if it’s not the shield, heroes, 24, or battlestar galactica… i hate reality shows.
SaulGood: i thought battlestar galactica was a reality show?
JCP001: it is.
JCP001: the 12 colonies will make it to earth… someday
SaulGood: and when they do you will be waving the nerd flag high.
JCP001: fuck yeah dude. I wanna hang with bill adama and drink with surly colonel tigh
SaulGood: bring back Buck Rodgers, I say.
SaulGood: and what about Twinkie? Twiggy? What the fuck was that robots name? He was awesome. (Ed. note: Twiki –JCP001)
SaulGood: Hey, do you know they used MATTEL TOYS as props for most of those shows?
SaulGood: I have one called COMPUTER PERFECTION that they used on BUCK RODGERS. this most likely explains why I am single.
JCP001: they looked like toys too. godzilla movies had better effects
SaulGood: GODZILLA vs.MOTHRA had the best effects.
SaulGood: remember the weird singing twins from that movie?
SaulGood: i think they gave me my first chubby.
JCP001: they’re called the cosmos
SaulGood: how do you know all this shit??? and why do you get more ass than i do knowing all this stuff???
JCP001: chalk it up to my boyish charm and good looks.
JCP001: i’d rather hear the cosmos sing their mothra song than listen to Paul Banks anymore
JCP001: excited you got to drop the title? you were waiting for it, weren’t you?
SaulGood: hell yeah. I think i just got my second chubby
SaulGood: I love this album
JCP001: i’ve never been a huge interpol fan.
JCP001: i remember dnice played some of their first record for me
JCP001: she was like, “they sound like joy division”
JCP001: which would be great if i liked joy division
SaulGood: they sound nothing like joy division.
JCP001: just the robot-like vocals
JCP001: neither of these dudes have/had any type of vocal range
SaulGood: Yeah…he’s more HAL than Johnny 5
SaulGood: They have the best rhythm section in NYC, imho.
SaulGood: which DOES NOT shine through on this record
SaulGood: everyone is touting it as their OK COMPUTER. Funny they should say that since the band is now on Capitol.
JCP001: who said that? R’tard Monthly?
SaulGood: I think some wanker on some blog. I wonder who in the styling department told Carlos D. to grow that stache.
SaulGood: were they like,”Dude…grow a SGT. PEPPERS stache. It’ll make the record that much more important”
JCP001: they look like vampires with their black suits and slick hair
SaulGood: Yeah, but they need a NOSFERATU looking dude to round out their goth appeal.
SaulGood: I love his lyrics. Hal Banks is a great writer
JCP001: the songs themselves are actually good. i just hate the vocals. it just sounds like droning noise to me. kinda like an electric razor.
SaulGood: At points it sounds like he goes for emotion but it ends up executed like a wet fart.
JCP001: because he’s vulcan. emotionless
SaulGood: Imagine if they have to accept an award? He probably sounds like stephen hawking
JCP001: i’d rather hawking sing
JCP001: hell, a speak and spell would be better
SaulGood: He should form a band with Paul Banks.
JCP001: he could rig up computers to his wheelchair and have a whole pet shop boys thing going.
SaulGood: i think Carlos D’s moustache should form a side project with one of the guys from Kings of Leon’s moustache
JCP001: oh god. i just found a pic. he looks like a queer pirate with a moustache. wow.
SaulGood: yeah…i prefer the younger version of Mr. D.
SaulGood: oh man…is he wearing a BOLO tie???
JCP001: it’s awful
SaulGood: holy shit, dude. he took the wrong kinda drugs
SaulGood: All moustaches aside, MAMMOTH is a standout track
JCP001: that is the only song I 100% like
SaulGood: I love PIONEER TO THE FALLS, the opener. It creates a really great tone for the album.
SaulGood: And it’s got that 3 songs in one vibe.
JCP001: the vocals turn me off so much they’re all i could focus on.
JCP001: the rhythm section is good, minus the ‘stache
JCP001: the cylons would not approve of his stache
SaulGood: brb
SaulGood: my cat’s puking
JCP001: yum. cleaning cat puke is fun
SaulGood: sorry dude
SaulGood: twas a mighty pile of puke
SaulGood: the cyclons would approve of the vocals, tho
SaulGood: “We will spare you Paul Banks.”
JCP001: they’d approve only of banks because he’s a robot too
JCP001: they get a 2. one for mammoth, one for banks being a cylon. don’t tell adama. i’ll get shot for treason
SaulGood: 2? Damn, J. You’re off your streak of 5’s
SaulGood: I give them 4…an added finger for the Album graphics
SaulGood: photos of animals are funny,
JCP001: i’d rather a real action shot than one taken at the museum of natural history.
SaulGood: An action shot of a cylon blowing Carlos’ moustache off with a laser?
SaulGood: THAT would be hot.
JCP001:2stars.jpg SaulGood:4stars.jpg


SaulGood: I can has review?
JCP001: oh hai.
JCP001: i was blurbing with tim duffy. he was doin it wrong
SaulGood: Oh hai! I has done the showerz. We can haz review
SaulGood: Lots of peeps have been doin it wrong these days
SaulGood: Which brings me to the YYYs
JCP001: whoa whoa
JCP001: buy me dinner first, romeo
SaulGood: What do you want? IM foreplay? Lets bang this out like cats in heat
SaulGood: Let me tell you a tale my son. One of a young Saul Good on the train listening to the new IS IS ep.
JCP001: of woe and heartbreak?
SaulGood: The only woe and heartbreak I had was listening to this
SaulGood: What happened to them?
SaulGood: I was like…NO NO NO
JCP001: when was the last time you listened to them?
SaulGood: I listened to the first album yesterday. I love that record
JCP001: for some reason i don’t think you keep up with a lot of current bands
JCP001: and the second?
SaulGood: the second was OK. But still fell a little flat for me. You?
JCP001: i like them both
JCP001: show your bones more actually. I think IS IS is reminiscent of both
SaulGood: Don’t get me wrong, the tunes on the new EP…they rock a bit and are sexified, but…I really found myself drifting off during the tunes and thinking of monkeys
SaulGood: Monkeys eating bugs off each other
SaulGood: And then throwing feces at passerbys
SaulGood: Then the monkeys eventually formed their own society and wrote interesting albums
JCP001: i enjoy this ep.
SaulGood: I enjoyed it most when this guy got on the train and was playing saxaphone…it cut into the song DOWN BOY and created this weird texture that was missing for me on the tunes
SaulGood: They’re sticking to a formula and are stuck. Her voice is awesome, tho.
JCP001: totally good and interesting. karen o‘s becoming more of a performance artist
JCP001: and stop saying “tunes”!
SaulGood: Like the kind of performance artist that makes BUTTER PAINTINGS on naked belly dancers?
SaulGood: Tunes tunes tunes tunes
SaulGood: Tommy tune
SaulGood: Two tone tunes
SaulGood: Cartunes
SaulGood: What about tunes with a z?
JCP001: how about you lick my ballz?
SaulGood: How about you eat my NUTZ?
SaulGood: Or lick my scrotumz
JCP001: so what’s the difference between this and fever to tell?
SaulGood: Fever To Tell was more raw and interesting. The songs had peaks and grooves.
JCP001: there’s peakz and groovez to these “tunez.”
SaulGood: This one sounds like salami on dry bread
SaulGood: I wanted something different from them. This sounds like a stale Fever To Tell
SaulGood: Meh. I was bored, especially that first jam
JCP001: you’re out of your mind.
SaulGood: Possibly
JCP001: karen o’s working her best siouxsie on some of these songs.
SaulGood: That is true, my good friend
JCP001: oh, I has a blurb


JCP001: have you heard the yeah yeah yeahs ep?
fillmerejive: about half, i think i’m gonna buy it tomorrow
fillmerejive: why do you ask?
JCP001: why, for a blurb of course
fillmerejive: well i think they’re great
fillmerejive: i like what i’ve heard a bunch and they have staying power which is why i am willing to part with actual money and buy the cd
JCP001: you buy cds?
JCP001: i’m not scoffing at the buying, more the cds
fillmerejive: yes
fillmerejive: i like cd’s
fillmerejive: i like things
fillmerejive: i like to own product
JCP001: i like stuff and… junk
fillmerejive: exactly
JCP001: do you rip it?
fillmerejive: but i think the ep from the three tracks i’ve heard is a good between point for the more melodic and the more rawking sides of yyy’s
fillmerejive: i do unless i have a good downloaded copy already
JCP001: interesting
JCP001: i’m all about the digital. i’m trying to minimize my junk clutter
fillmerejive: that’s wise
fillmerejive: i have a disaster in my closet, all cd’s in unorderly stacks
fillmerejive: nerds cringe at the site
fillmerejive: several friends have begged me to let them organize them
JCP001: i’d understand if it was vinyl
fillmerejive: i guess, i’m very into voting with my dollar
fillmerejive: it’s an important thing to me, i want the things i like to continue to come out
fillmerejive: i also have no turntable
fillmerejive: my parents do, but i really hate the idea of being beholden to them
JCP001: that’s very righteous of you
fillmerejive: ooh also on the yyy’s you should note that i believe nick zinner might be the most inventive pseudo mainstream guitarist in decades
JCP001: in a bill and ted’s way
fillmerejive: it is indeed, i hate watching bootlegs even when they’re really good quality and i didn’t pay for them
fillmerejive: i went to see sicko in theaters after watching it on bootleg
JCP001: blurb. yor doin it wrong
fillmerejive: erm, best ep since deerhunter’s flurescent grey a few months back?
fillmerejive: i get excited about that band sorry


JCP001: that’s a bit more than a blurb. i told you he was doin it wrong.
SaulGood: Yeah dude…that’s an opus. I can attest to Mr. Duffy’s statement about Zinner’s guitar work
SaulGood: Though I think his hair outshines his finger styleez
JCP001: anyway, I think this is right up anyone’s alley who likes yeah yeah yeahs
SaulGood: agreed. Just not my cuppa
JCP001: i’m surprised he doesn’t break the guitar strings with his scissorhands
SaulGood: I want progression
SaulGood: He should start his own hair product line
SaulGood: Something like…DO DO DOs
JCP001: there has been progression but i think yor doin it wrong
SaulGood: Flat out, this ep bored the snot out of me
SaulGood: Scissorhands is a great guitar player, the drummer is the king and Karen O is a hot vocalist so why the long repetitive nonsense?
SaulGood: I’m opinionated tonight
JCP001: you are. your ballz dropped
SaulGood: My ballz…they are in your mouthz
JCP001: i’m tired of us liking everything
SaulGood: You’re doin it wrong
JCP001: you just did it wrong. rate?
SaulGood: 3
SaulGood: You?
JCP001: 5. a finger each song. Don’t wanna break my streak. If this were NBA Jam I’d be ON FIRE. They should have just recorded 5-7 more songs and made an album
SaulGood: Fag
JCP001: say it to my scruffy face
JCP001: we’re done here
SaulGood: Fag
JCP001:5stars.jpg SaulGood:3stars.jpg


JCP001: procrastination cat procrastinates
FlavorCage77: hold on…
8:50 PM
FlavorCage77: brb
FlavorCage77: going to get smokes
JCP001: delicious. go forth my son and procure smokes
9:00 PM
FlavorCage77: You ready to do this or you have to do some duece droppin?
JCP001: oh, you’re back.
FlavorCage77: Yeah
FlavorCage77: On the SK
FlavorCage77: My internets just crapped out, sirs.
JCP001: welcome to my world. good thing you have back-up
FlavorCage77: Yeah…
FlavorCage77: You know what dogs I want to see more of? Puggles.
JCP001: do you?
FlavorCage77: Hell yes
JCP001: they grew on me
FlavorCage77: Yes
JCP001: i used to think they were horrible amalgamations
FlavorCage77: I think they’re strange and have a certain stupidity to them that makes them a bit endearing
FlavorCage77: Once you start cross breeding the brains get smaller
FlavorCage77: Or dumber
FlavorCage77: Cute little things, tho.
JCP001: does it work the same for humans?
FlavorCage77: Only if you breed an ape with a man.
FlavorCage77: that’s like “Shit, meet fan.”
JCP001: i think i ride the train with the ape-human hybrids
FlavorCage77: Yes you do…and they all listen to German techno REALLY LOUD.
JCP001: that means we can start
JCP001: once the title drops, it’s on
FlavorCage77: Ok…so FUCK YES comes to mind when listening to this
FlavorCage77: This record is a hybrid of a rottweiller and a german pincher
FlavorCage77: Me thinks
FlavorCage77: It’s finger pointingly awesome
JCP001: I was telling Lenny that this came at a good time for me
FlavorCage77: And at 38 minutes, there’s no room to be bored
FlavorCage77: Splain
JCP001: I’ve been on a BR kick. great for the gym
FlavorCage77: Really? Last time I hung out with you, you told me that ABBA has been on repeat
FlavorCage77: Kidding
JCP001: I’m glad this is no “The New America”. that record kinda blows
JCP001: how well versed are you in BR?
FlavorCage77: This record came at a great time for the world. His lyrics are so politically driven.
FlavorCage77: Not that well
FlavorCage77: Not as well as you
FlavorCage77: Joey Cingrana and I would listen to them in his attic all the time
JCP001: political, social. Graffin sings every word with conviction like he’s preaching. or teaching. he is a college professor, you know.
FlavorCage77: What makes the album so great is that each song is EPIC
JCP001: pretty much, yeah
FlavorCage77: Like… HUGE
JCP001: there’s always been something grand about BR for me.
FlavorCage77: standout track: SUBMISSION COMPLETE. It has a middle easternesque vibe
FlavorCage77: Especially the solo
FlavorCage77: And lets not forget the AWESOME harmonies
JCP001: the back-up punk choir. just the imagery the lyrics conjure overall is grand
FlavorCage77: Totally
JCP001: kings, empires falling, planets colliding, biblical references…
FlavorCage77: They’re the only band that can pull off a double bass drum without sounding like they just sprayed they’re hair with Tommy Lee brand hairspray
FlavorCage77: Or without sounding like bad nu metal
JCP001: they have 3 guitarists
JCP001: lead, rhythm and pick slide
JCP001: mostly you can’t tell since they all play the same 3 chords
FlavorCage77: I think John Lennon would love them if he were alive to hear it.
FlavorCage77: Oh…and the piano on FIELDS OF MARS….
FlavorCage77: I did not see that coming
JCP001: they’re not changing their formula though.
FlavorCage77: No…but they mastered their formula
FlavorCage77: They’ve gone the same route but it suits them.
FlavorCage77: And it gets me PSYCHED
FlavorCage77: The opening to NEW DARK AGES…it’s almost beautiful.
JCP001: psyched and confused. i googled the lyrics and had to look up a few words. punk rock that sharpens your mind
JCP001: and annoys the neighbors
FlavorCage77: That should be on the back of their t shirts, you genius.
FlavorCage77: I really have nothing bad to say about this record.
FlavorCage77: Should we talk about another album that blows?
JCP001: they already have the best band symbol ever
JCP001: i was hoping you’d bite at my pick slide jokes
FlavorCage77: That was pretty good…there’s a pick slide in like every song
JCP001: 2 sometimes
JCP001: together
FlavorCage77: They should have dueling pick slide solos.
FlavorCage77: Imagine how annoying that would be?
FlavorCage77: Dogs would die
FlavorCage77: But not the puggles .
FlavorCage77: They’d survive the great pick slide disaster of 2007 and rule the world with BAD RELIGION.
JCP001: their tiny brains wouldn’t know how to respond
FlavorCage77: They’d just start licking each others balls more
JCP001: maybe they scored cool satanic guitars when they explored and mapped hell
FlavorCage77: This is one theory
JCP001: a fine theory
FlavorCage77: What would satan have said to them?
FlavorCage77: Go forth and bring the pointed finger?
FlavorCage77: Millions of puggles at a BR show lifting their paws to the sky
JCP001: your backing vocals, may your choir of 6 sound like 60 strong
JCP001: did you see a puggle at the deli?
FlavorCage77: The fat one?
FlavorCage77: If so…yes
FlavorCage77: I think he had a BR tattoo
FlavorCage77: And he was practicing his string slides
JCP001:5stars.jpg FlavorCage77:5stars.jpg


Originally, this review was supposed to have been done between myself and Lenny. Due to technical difficulties (see: lack of internets) on both our parts it, sadly, wasn’t meant to be. Below is unfinished “review” or outtake, if you will. – JCP001

OneLastCigarette: just got home
JCP001: listen to the fathers of socal punk rock
OneLastCigarette: ill put it on
OneLastCigarette: yo i had a BONKERS connection before 675 kbps
OneLastCigarette: …and in other awesomeness
OneLastCigarette: i realized my sister has the new zelda
OneLastCigarette: goodbye daylight
JCP001: wii zelda?
OneLastCigarette: yeah
OneLastCigarette: but on gamecube
OneLastCigarette: same exact game
OneLastCigarette: just clashed with the wii release
JCP001: the wii turns grown men into prancing gaylords
OneLastCigarette: yeah totally
OneLastCigarette: i waited at the nintendo store in the freezing cold with andrew for it
JCP001: and you didn’t have to pee your pants
OneLastCigarette: it was a pretty relaxed atmosphere
OneLastCigarette: i’ll knock out a little kid
JCP001: me too
OneLastCigarette: no qualms
OneLastCigarette: there was this one big mongo dude and he kept trying to wifi ds with little kids
OneLastCigarette: im talking 24 yr old very special place type dude
JCP001: perv
OneLastCigarette: no i felt bad for him
OneLastCigarette: he was genuinely childlike
OneLastCigarette: aside from when he penetrated their little anai like pressboard
OneLastCigarette: anai sounds ten times worse than anuses
JCP001: anuses sounds like a great greek hero
OneLastCigarette: i wish this was the review
JCP001: if we do the review tonight it can be, lenny. It can be.
OneLastCigarette: what is a SIT file
OneLastCigarette: its a blank file for me
OneLastCigarette: open with winzip?
JCP001: yes
OneLastCigarette: ok
OneLastCigarette: its only giving me an option to ZIP this file
OneLastCigarette: wtf dude…
JCP001: aww
JCP001: one sec
OneLastCigarette: several secs later…
OneLastCigarette: just aim it over
OneLastCigarette: your server is mad booty
JCP001: going to
OneLastCigarette: it should send super fast if i plug it into the wall
OneLastCigarette: hold on
JCP001: plug it in son
OneLastCigarette: ran out of tp, don’t use my dermalogica whipes
OneLastCigarette: you do the math
OneLastCigarette: hold on
JCP001: crikey
OneLastCigarette: leaves your crack silky smooth with no blemishes or dead skin
JCP001: ready?
OneLastCigarette: as ill ever be
OneLastCigarette: fast as shit
JCP001: did you get it all?
OneLastCigarette: no
OneLastCigarette: says 95
OneLastCigarette: almost done
OneLastCigarette: you have a fucking status bar right
JCP001: yeah
JCP001: thought i accidentally canceled it
OneLastCigarette: everybody is a bastard
JCP001: it’s true
JCP001: that has a big part
JCP001: this record came at a good time for me
OneLastCigarette: why? are you starting a revolution
OneLastCigarette: i love that i turn around, do half a thing in zelda and the records half over
OneLastCigarette: 16 songs, 38.4 minutes, 36.9 mb
JCP001: that’s about average for a br record
OneLastCigarette: can you excuse me while i use my hawk to snatch this baby basket from a dancing monkey so i can get my god damn fishing pole, lure back the shop ladies cat and make her happy enough to give me the new slingshot
JCP001: you make it sound cool. but it’s not. i’ve seen paul play
JCP001: it’s quite gay
OneLastCigarette: it starts off slow
OneLastCigarette: its awesome
OneLastCigarette: youre just a final fantasy fag
JCP001: herd those sheep…. things
OneLastCigarette: thats like the first thing
OneLastCigarette: go check paul’s steez now. he has a black tunic and some sick fucking sword skills soon i bet
JCP001: know what–listen more and play. call your gay hawk friend maybe he can snatch someone elses balls and give them to you
OneLastCigarette: scum bag
OneLastCigarette: not a kind word
JCP001: c’mon, you laughed a little
OneLastCigarette: of course i laughed
OneLastCigarette: thats why we keep you around
OneLastCigarette: amusing abuse
OneLastCigarette: whatever i got the basket
JCP001: are there cojones in there?
JCP001: when you’re done catching rainbows in fairyland, IM me


FlavorCage77: whenever you’re ready
JCP001: you’re like a bull in a china shop
FlavorCage77: because I’m fat?
JCP001: you wanna plow right into this
FlavorCage77: haha
FlavorCage77: nah…
FlavorCage77: never did a review before
FlavorCage77: review
FlavorCage77: rookie
JCP001: noob
FlavorCage77: noobian.
JCP001: to some, yes. glos harmonium
FlavorCage77: I’m still on the first track
FlavorCage77: it’s quite good.
JCP001: i figured you’d be into this record
FlavorCage77: you know me oh too well. it’s the intellectual approach I can appreciate. And the drum sound really grabs you by the nuts and says…”Listen to me while I kick you in the face.”
FlavorCage77: the guys voice is taking some getting used to
FlavorCage77: it’s a bit flat.
JCP001: yeah. i was so expecting maura (denali) to sing
FlavorCage77: love her
FlavorCage77: my old band played with them
JCP001: nice. she’s easy on the eyes and a good vocalist
FlavorCage77: i think i wrote her a note after the show we played with them…oh man
FlavorCage77: i totally remember now
JCP001: like a love note? did you make her a mix cd?
FlavorCage77: I was all fucked up…and scratched some chicken feed on a paper about why she should spend the rest of her days with me because she sang really well.
FlavorCage77: I think she’d like me better now
FlavorCage77: because of my new band.
FlavorCage77: nah…she’d still be afraid
JCP001: with just cause
FlavorCage77: totally. never mix beer with whiskey and good intentions.
FlavorCage77: anyway…back to the record
JCP001: did she avoid you the rest of the night?
FlavorCage77: here’s the thing…
FlavorCage77: i tripped on myself handing her the note while she was packing up
JCP001: oh god
FlavorCage77: and almost fell into her
JCP001: hahaha
FlavorCage77: yeah
FlavorCage77: yeah
FlavorCage77: anyway
FlavorCage77: let’s talk about this record
FlavorCage77: not my failed love endeavors
JCP001: i would have holed up in the van after that
FlavorCage77: i did
JCP001: so i can’t decided if this is a side project or not
FlavorCage77: DENALI broke up
FlavorCage77: so this may be from the ashes.
JCP001: yes but maura’s in ambulette and her bro in sparta
FlavorCage77: ah…you see, I am not a music nerd like you so I don’t know these things.
FlavorCage77: is she in this band?
JCP001: yes
FlavorCage77: oh
FlavorCage77: oops
FlavorCage77: that must be her singin in the background, yeah?
JCP001: uh… yeah
FlavorCage77: you know what?
JCP001: what’s that?
FlavorCage77: I’d still pen her love notes. With a feathered quill
JCP001: haha and a box of chocolates. holding boom box outside her bedroom window
FlavorCage77: I think I love this album. It’s EXTREMELY textural.
JCP001: there’s a lot going on here
FlavorCage77: yes.
FlavorCage77: VERY textural
FlavorCage77: BUT…no hooks.
FlavorCage77: I still like hooks
JCP001: some hooks
FlavorCage77: you know…even though Radiohead lost their collective mind by KID A you could still hum the choruses.
FlavorCage77: but…I love this. It’s something I’d enjoy tuning people out on the train to.
FlavorCage77: TELEPATHY reminds me of….something from the joint days. ASHES?
JCP001: if there was a metal part and a break down yeah
FlavorCage77: I think the singer reads a lot of KAFKA
JCP001: evanescence is now ashes
FlavorCage77: OH MY GOD.
FlavorCage77: You’re totally right.
FlavorCage77: Jesus Christ…what a world.
JCP001: same shit, bigger venues
JCP001: i like the vocal effects
JCP001: makes it dreamy and flowing without being coma inducing
FlavorCage77: Totally. He reminds me a bit of one of the singers from SLOWDIVE.
FlavorCage77: Definitely dreamy…with some balls.
FlavorCage77: Dude…she’s whispering in my ear.
FlavorCage77: Oh man…is it wrong to make myself believe she’s written every song for me?
JCP001: yes, she’s singing only for you
FlavorCage77: eat me.
FlavorCage77: This is super modern day psychedelic. Good to see American bands are going this way.
JCP001: you could do it to this record
FlavorCage77: DAMN…TAINTED is HUGE!
FlavorCage77: Good variety on this album…
FlavorCage77: this album is sex.
JCP001: you’re going on the record with that?
FlavorCage77: why not?
FlavorCage77: WAIT!
FlavorCage77: BETWEEN YOU AND I is WAAAAAYYYY too much like MISERY IS A BUTTERFLY — Blonde Redhead
FlavorCage77: WAYYYYYYY
FlavorCage77: TOOOO
FlavorCage77: MUUUUUCH
FlavorCage77: they just lost some points.
JCP001: let’s check it
FlavorCage77: totally
FlavorCage77: OH MY GOD!!!
FlavorCage77: IT’S SO SIMILAR!!
FlavorCage77: i just fell out of love.
FlavorCage77: Not the actual song MISERY IS A BUTTERFLY
JCP001: but the record?
FlavorCage77: there’s a song on it…fuck…I only have it on vinyl
FlavorCage77: hold on…I have to check out what song it sounds like…
JCP001: crap
FlavorCage77: be right back…have to dig through my vinyl
JCP001: wind up the phonograph
FlavorCage77: fuck you…ninyl has more bass.
FlavorCage77: vinyl.
JCP001: i like ninyl better
FlavorCage77: not ninyl. I don’t know what ninyl is.
FlavorCage77: it sounds like something they sell to make herpes go away.
JCP001: seth’s sister gave me a ninyl once. good times…
FlavorCage77: “With NINYL, I’ve been outbreak free for three weeks.”
FlavorCage77: brb
FlavorCage77: too much vinyl…do you have the album on your itunes?
JCP001: no but you can get 30 second snippets from the itunes store
FlavorCage77: right on…oops…
FlavorCage77: MESSENGER
FlavorCage77: thats what BETWEEN YOU AND I reminds me of
FlavorCage77: way too much
FlavorCage77: anyway…moving on
JCP001: it doesn’t tarnish anything for me
FlavorCage77: that’s because you have no integrity.
FlavorCage77: actually…
JCP001: because i’m not a huge brh fan
FlavorCage77: ha.
FlavorCage77: glös are
FlavorCage77: seriously though, this record is damn good.
FlavorCage77: The production makes it. It sounds raw.
JCP001: hopefully they’re not a one record side project
FlavorCage77: Ambulette‘s kind of a snoozer compared to this glös
FlavorCage77: so
FlavorCage77: I hope they’re not a side project, either.
JCP001: ambulette is maura a bunch of other dudes from broken up jade tree bands
FlavorCage77: My pont exactly.
FlavorCage77: point
JCP001: oh i know
JCP001: how many fingers?
FlavorCage77: Hmmmm….
FlavorCage77: out of how many again?
FlavorCage77: 5?
JCP001: c’mon, you know how we do
FlavorCage77: I’m going to give it a three and a half
FlavorCage77: it’s not quite four
FlavorCage77: but it’s damn close
JCP001: i’ll round up mine to a solid 4
FlavorCage77: all together, it gave me a mental chubby.
JCP001:4stars.jpg FlavorCage773stars.jpg

COMEBACK KID - Broadcasting (Victory Records, 2007)

AtariSavesKids : how do we start?
OneLastCigarette: Comeback Kid – Broadcasting
OneLastCigarette: so they changed their singer
AtariSavesKids: Yeah, Scott Wade left the band
OneLastCigarette: i’m usually not a fan of changing singer/keeping name, but i think this worked out well.
OneLastCigarette: wade reminded me a lot of deryck wimbley from sum 41.
AtariSavesKids: The singer of a band is usually who fans pay attention to
OneLastCigarette: yeah, the “front man”
OneLastCigarette: i like this guy a lot more, i think he has a better voice for a hardcore screamo type band.
AtariSavesKids: it still feels like the same band, so they did something right
OneLastCigarette: exactly. usually it doesn’t work out, but it was a natural transition
AtariSavesKids: at first listen I thought Wade stayed, but I know he’s gone
OneLastCigarette: yeah hes vaguely vaguely similar (the new guy)
AtariSavesKids: His name is Andrew Neufeld by the way
OneLastCigarette: thanks chris, i was counting on your for exactly those tid bits.
OneLastCigarette: so this is their…third release?
AtariSavesKids: actually if you want to be exact, he’s not even new
OneLastCigarette: do tell
OneLastCigarette: it’s why i enlisted you
AtariSavesKids: he’s the guitarist who did back-up vocals, now he’s the full on singer
AtariSavesKids: so he went up in hierarchy
OneLastCigarette: oh, well the natural factor makes a lot more sense now.
AtariSavesKids: and if you’re a fan of Comeback Kid already, you know that Andrew’s parts on songs are incredible, some of my favorite parts
OneLastCigarette: i never got especially into their other records, but i do remember now that you mention it.
AtariSavesKids: like in the song “Always” off their first cd Turn It Around
OneLastCigarette: to me, this record is the ideal swing from the basement rafters hardcore record
AtariSavesKids: definitely
OneLastCigarette: its almost perfect for what it is
AtariSavesKids: it has a lot of intensity
OneLastCigarette: i find it hard to review recs from genre to genre sometimes though
OneLastCigarette: its hard to be subjective and opinionated at the same time
AtariSavesKids: yea, especially when for smaller, non-mainstream bands, a cd review is crucial because people will judge whether to listen to a band depending on someone else’s opinion
OneLastCigarette : yeah exactly. and if you give it a five and theyre not a hardcore fan, and they do give it a try, theyll be expecting led zeppelin II
OneLastCigarette: like, “i thought this was a five star record.”
AtariSavesKids: but I personally don’t listen to many “classic” bands so that’s subjective too –
AtariSavesKids: – and genre oriented and I personally don’t listen to Led Zeppelin nor much classic rock, though I respect it and appreciate it, so natural for me not to even compare one 5 star cd to the next
AtariSavesKids: and that taste is diverse, and it’s the difference between a masterpiece and a great album
OneLastCigarette: yeah, thats what i was getting at
AtariSavesKids: so back to Comeback Kid, they are definitely one of the main bands keeping Victory Records still considered a hardcore label
AtariSavesKids: it’s like CK with a vengeance, also it’s Andrew’s chance to shine and make the band even better so you can tell he has a lot to say and a lot invested
OneLastCigarette: yeah, victory has really diminished as far as cred goes over the past 4-5 years. they got lucky with taking back sunday and thursday (i heard they both had to sue the label for royalties, only after an audit was ordered)
OneLastCigarette: you have to figure theres a song about the whole singer departure/switch on this record, i just didn’t do enough lyric following to find it
AtariSavesKids: for once I actually feel the emotion in the singer’s voice
AtariSavesKids: it doesn’t feel empty
OneLastCigarette: yeah hes definitely giving it his all
OneLastCigarette : One Left Satisfied (Track Seven) really kicks my ass. Starts off with some powerful growling and backup vox
OneLastCigarette: any stand-out tracks for you?
AtariSavesKids: Track 4, The Blackstone is an excellent song
OneLastCigarette: yeah it is good. i like the drums and the guitar. they carry the vocals. like the timpany roll under the growl, that wasnt an accident
OneLastCigarette: on the other side of the rating spectrum you could have an elitist hardcore kid tell you that this record is bullshit and isn’t true hardcore. i guess its just a metter of time, place, and personality. there are times i wouln’t have given this a second listen and other times like now where it makes me do spin kicks in my living room
AtariSavesKids: we’re more aware of how these genres have been watered down
OneLastCigarette: i dont like the term watered down, i think diversified fits better. genres are becoming harder and harder to pin
OneLastCigarette: what would you call the sound of animals fighting?
OneLastCigarette: nonsense is the only label i can think of. organized chaos
AtariSavesKids: well i meant that now that there are so many bands these days, there are a lot more bands who are just not good
AtariSavesKids: TSOAF is a trip
OneLastCigarette: and their first release is one of the most artful talented things ive ever heard from this underground scene kids are desperately holding onto
AtariSavesKids: though I rarely listen to the last instrumental track on that cd
OneLastCigarette: oh yeah, there are a ton of bands who are simply not good. some of those bands sky rocket to fame or murmuring scene fame, which from the inside can seem just as big.
OneLastCigarette: i only listen to the acts. i unchecked the instrus on my itunes
OneLastCigarette: useless filler
AtariSavesKids: ha
OneLastCigarette: Broadcasting – the title track
OneLastCigarette: i think its a good representation of what theyre doing here. they nailed the second track opener.
OneLastCigarette: and the album doesn’t get boring, its balanced. i can leave it on and not get annoyed. thats rare for me, especially with a hc record
AtariSavesKids: yea, it’s diverse. the musicianship has only gotten better
OneLastCigarette: how did victory get their paws on these guys anyway, theyre from winnipeg. doesnt canada have any indie labels with integrity?
OneLastCigarette: theyre fading away over here, with all those distribution and subsidiary deals going on.
OneLastCigarette: between indies and majors
AtariSavesKids: i think this cd will give Comeback Kid more of a range since people seem to only know “Wake The Dead” off of their last release. That song is a good hardcore song, it has integrity and is really catchy, so the band does know how to balance and make a song to draw in fans
OneLastCigarette: then they pimp all their young acts who might be worth a shit to the big guys.
AtariSavesKids: well didn’t Victory have Grade? they’re Canadian
OneLastCigarette: oh my god grade was amazing
AtariSavesKids: I recently re-fell in love with Grade
AtariSavesKids: they were definitely a special band
OneLastCigarette: these guys do grade proud. i believe they were on victory, its weird to even hear that. gone are the days of respectable bands on victory like strife or grade, in with the aidens and hawthore heights of the world
OneLastCigarette: under the radar is one of my all time favs
AtariSavesKids: that’s arguably their best cd, I love that cd.
OneLastCigarette: no arguments here.
OneLastCigarette: they got a little too metal for me towards the end though, with the release of “head first straight to hell”
OneLastCigarette: i heard half the dudes in CK used to be in a christian band called figure four
AtariSavesKids: I didn’t know that.
AtariSavesKids: Christians make some great hardcore in my opinion, though I’m not a Christian I can understand that they are intense about something or at least were taught to be, and therefore have learned to question faith and everything in life
OneLastCigarette: thats a shitty stigma to have to shake. people focus too much on that stuff. underoath for example made a totally dope ass album about 5 or 6 years ago and some people just couldn’t get past the fact that they’re christian. that chasing safety album isn’t half bad either, but they get a really shitty time for having a religion.
AtariSavesKids: Evergreen Terrace are one of those bands
OneLastCigarette: those same kids will scream “freedom of religion!” at some rally to free palestine, but if underoath wants to be christian, thats lame bro
AtariSavesKids: I love Underoath, I may not share their beliefs, but I respect that they are at least trying to be heard and are being heard
OneLastCigarette: its like giving ozzy shit for endorsing satan. some people are just not hateable. underoath was already hateable (dumb hair, tight jeans). like ellen degeneres, not hateable. rosie odonnell, way hateable. france would not be unpopular in america if they were italy.
OneLastCigarette: i think ive made my point
AtariSavesKids: at least they’re fighting for something they believe in
OneLastCigarette: any other standout tracks for you
AtariSavesKids: I think the cd has a strong end and I love the title of the last track “In/Tuition”
AtariSavesKids: just for the double meaning
OneLastCigarette: its clever
AtariSavesKids: very
OneLastCigarette: i often become fond of a song because the name alone attracted me
AtariSavesKids: Definitely
AtariSavesKids: This cd, like a lot of hardcore cds have one word song titles that are pretty straight to the point
OneLastCigarette: track three Exposè (originally titled Hailing On Me) is definitely the song where this guy gives the kids the mic.
AtariSavesKids: “Come Around” has a strong beginning and is very reminiscent of their first cd
OneLastCigarette: yeah, i guess hailing on me was too many words
AtariSavesKids: haha, it’s still pretty simple
AtariSavesKids: So this cd is the same old Comeback Kid on the same rampage with improved musicianship and newfound focus. the transition to Andrew becoming the lead singer is pretty seamless
OneLastCigarette: well if this were an all hxc world and i wasn’t gonna put on the four winds ep after im done here, this totally would have gotten a resounding five, but alas, there are other people in this world and one band cant hog up all the love, so it gets a four.
OneLastCigarette: yes, they’re re energized, with purpose, and newly regrouped. i see a bright future for them, as soon as they get away from victory. i could see island picking them up soon enough. they need a new thrice since thrice quit being thrice.
AtariSavesKids: I’m going to give it a 5. It is intense and strong throughout, makes me want to dance and have my voice heard and makes me want to relisten to it right after.
OneLastCigarette: their latest record was a terrible disappointment
AtariSavesKids: Vheissu? I liked it man
OneLastCigarette: you like a lot of shitty albums chris
OneLastCigarette: i heard those thrice guys are christains anyway
AtariSavesKids: that’s only according to others though, they’re not shitty to me and you like most of my favorite cds
OneLastCigarette: so much for my subtle irony
OneLastCigarette:4stars.jpg AtariSavesKids:5stars.jpg

OneLastCigarette: you ready or what
dnice: 5 minutes lenny
OneLastCigarette: arite
dnice: I’m ready
OneLastCigarette: ok i have this rant boiling in my head.
dnice: Let’s go
OneLastCigarette: i just dont know exactly how to articulate it…
dnice: The new Shins Album, Wincing the Night Away
OneLastCigarette: im so fucking tired of people rolling their eyes at certain bands and putting other band on a pedestal. this album, as hard as i tried, as bad as i wanted to love it…was just…ok
OneLastCigarette: i think i would have enjoyed it a lot more if people werent shitting their pants over it..
dnice: Putting this band on a pedestal?
OneLastCigarette: the shins, sufjan stevens, etc etc etc
OneLastCigarette: icons in the indie snob world
dnice: I don’t care what others perceive to be good or not and what others think doesn’t affect my opinion of music
dnice: I put my headphones on and listen- the true testament- listening on a shitty commute home
OneLastCigarette: me neither, but it affects what i say in a review. i almost feel like im not allowed to say its not that great.
OneLastCigarette: i just wanted to get that out of the way.
dnice: that’s weak
dnice: Maybe I’m just not surrounded by people that have a hard – on for the Shins and you are??
OneLastCigarette: it was more around the time of the last album. the kind of scene buzz that makes you hate something just because you heard the name too much. im not around anyone now
dnice: Anyway, since that is out of your system…
dnice: I like this record a whole hell of a lot more than Chutes Too Narrow
OneLastCigarette: i see this album is more of a supplement than a follow up
dnice: I thought that all of Chutes sounded the same.
dnice: like I could listen to that album and not realize a new song was starting…with every song
OneLastCigarette: i barely notice the new album. i had to stare at itunes and listen hard to rate these songs. every other time i tried casually, i fell asleep or forgot
dnice: this album has differentiation
OneLastCigarette: instead of expanding whatever formula makes them good, it almost seems like they folded it down and made it safer
dnice: You think so?
OneLastCigarette: i’ll give this album a five on the chill out music factor.
dnice: Oh, it’s definitely mellow gold in my opinion
dnice: I don’t think it’s safer at all. I almost feel like they are growing as a band and their sound is changing slightly which is good, because once a band stands still and doesn’t change is when they start to suck.
OneLastCigarette: im trying to get the album playing. one sec
OneLastCigarette: anyway, i made back up notes to my thoughts on the songs so i could remember. its like they handed me this album on an inspector gadget note and it disappears after its over.
dnice: Self destructing notes
OneLastCigarette: in my itunes info
OneLastCigarette: for example, track 01 – sleeping lessons – i had this to say: good song starts off slow. picks up at end.
dnice: I think that’s the point
dnice: a crescendo
dnice: you know?
dnice: Try waking up to that shit on your alarm clock- it works out perfectly. Thank you iHome.
dnice: My top songs off this album are: Sleeping Lessons, Phantom Limb, Sea Legs, Split Needles and A Comet Appears
OneLastCigarette: australia is the only song that got more than three stars from me…if i could remember anything about this album, i would tell you why.
OneLastCigarette: and in case anyone thinks i may be jumping to conclusions, i listened to this album 13 times.
OneLastCigarette: this is what yesterday lenny had to say about Track 02 Australia: good song. second track opener classic. sounds like 70 influenced vibe without being derivitive. one of the more energized songs on the album.
dnice: See, if there is any song on this album that reminds me of’s this song..
OneLastCigarette: well that fits right in to me saying that this album is at least one star less than the prev.
dnice: But I dig the banjos
dnice: I think that is a fair rating from you
OneLastCigarette: yeah, i did wanna mention the use of a lot of different instruments, some of which i couldnt name.
dnice: But what does that mean? How many fingers are you giving it?
OneLastCigarette: im nowhere near done
dnice: It’s not like they’re using a theremin in this album
dnice: or a balalaika
OneLastCigarette: phantom limb, sea legs, split needles. Are we going to ignore that this singer is Sunny Day fan #1?
OneLastCigarette: or a mandolin
dnice: It doesn’t sound like Sunny Day AT ALL
dnice: lyrically or musically
OneLastCigarette: those three songs have sunny day influence. i was prepared for some people not to hear it, and others to argue angrily, but i just hear it. in the vocals, in the echoes, in his 18 year old bedroom…with tablature. im not budging on this.
OneLastCigarette: jeremy enigk mojo
dnice: I don’t hear it all. Jeremy Enigk didn’t write shit like this:
with burnt sage and a forest of bygones,
i click my heels,
get the devils in line,
a list of things i could lay the blame on,
might give me a way out,
OneLastCigarette: not the words just the voice and the effects on the vox
dnice: Maybe Rising Tide. a little
dnice: but that’s it
OneLastCigarette: if it didnt come to my attention in three separate songs, i wouldn’t have mentioned it
OneLastCigarette: compromise. beautiful.
dnice: It certainly does not sound like early Sunny Day
OneLastCigarette: i have to put my horn rims on if we’re gonna get that analytical
dnice: At least the singer from the Shins can sing on key
OneLastCigarette: i hope jeremy doesnt read this…
OneLastCigarette: tough love! you hear that jeremy?
dnice: He’s gotten better. That was just what the early 90’s were about
dnice: and I liked Sunny Day so I’m not dissing here- just pointing out a truth
OneLastCigarette: yeah i can totally vouch for d having her finger on “the pulse” of the scene when i was a mere 14 years old.
OneLastCigarette: even if it was with a latex glove, at arms length…
dnice: His voice is more refined now.
OneLastCigarette: i think we’re done
dnice: You think?
OneLastCigarette: what more can we say
dnice: I give it a full five fingers. I dig this album
OneLastCigarette: fanboy
OneLastCigarette: see you in a little while
dnice: Whatever
OneLastCigarette:3stars.jpg dnice:5stars.jpg


JCP001: what’s crackin’?
ioiiiioi: same. how bout yourself
JCP001: friggin’ busy
ioiiiioi: it’s good and it’s bad
ioiiiioi: good to have work, but
ioiiiioi: you know
ioiiiioi: takes away from my WoW time
ioiiiioi: hahah
9:30 PM
JCP001: and my FF time
ioiiiioi: seriously all this work, how am suppose to maintain my L33Tness
ioiiiioi: my guild needs me!!
ioiiiioi: haha
JCP001: they can kill boars without you (start watching this at about 3:40 minutes in)
ioiiiioi: so we need to makeup that get together
JCP001: this weekend maybe?
ioiiiioi: saturday night is lifetime
ioiiiioi: but sure. we can try to get together for sure
JCP001: been priming for the show?
9:35 PM
ioiiiioi: yeah. it’s going to be a little different seeing them on a stage, but let’s see
ioiiiioi: i’m going to try to go to the middlesex show too
ioiiiioi: but no ride…jersey is hard to get to
JCP001: the new record grew on me
ioiiiioi: good shite man
ioiiiioi: i can’t stop listening to it
JCP001: you were right about the 7″songs. they were totally re-recorded
ioiiiioi: yeah right? something
ioiiiioi: do u know for a fact?
ioiiiioi: i would be interested in knowing
JCP001: absolutely. you can tell
ioiiiioi: the vocal tracks are different 100% for sure
ioiiiioi: and i can hear a different sound on the guitar
ioiiiioi: different distortion
JCP001: All nite long starts differently and they added in a hardcore “Go!” by Yemin
ioiiiioi: u still wanna do that review?
JCP001: we’re doing it
ioiiiioi: lol. nice. u never know these days with you
JCP001: that’s how this shit works, son
JCP001: it’s good that lifetime hasn’t changed in 10 years. they didn’t bust out accordions and keyboards.
ioiiiioi: agreed
ioiiiioi: so what is your favorite tune so far
ioiiiioi: i needed something like this
ioiiiioi: music has really disappointed me of late
JCP001: just a quiet evening and can’t think about it now
ioiiiioi: Can’t think about it know & try to stay awake
JCP001: you wanted something new but old
ioiiiioi: i was just so surprised, it happened quickly
ioiiiioi: joeC was like check this out
ioiiiioi: i was LIKE WTF
ioiiiioi: talking about the 7″
9:45 PM
ioiiiioi: sparked a good feeling
ioiiiioi: that’s for sure
ioiiiioi: then the tunes where just as good and it was over from there
JCP001: their formula hasn’t changed at all and ari is still incoherent. haircut monday morning?
ioiiiioi: marble mouth
JCP001: i thought he was saying “it was friday all day long”
ioiiiioi: i hear some good stuff in that record
ioiiiioi: Beginning of Yeems Song
ioiiiioi: sounds very down by law to me
JCP001: or “i was crying all day long” gotta google the lyrics
ioiiiioi: yeah, only 3 song lyrics from the new album are online
JCP001: it’s totally dbl
JCP001: “just hold it down, relax a while”??
ioiiiioi: yupp
JCP001: wtf is he saying
ioiiiioi: something like that
ioiiiioi: just cool it down, relax a while
JCP001: does it really matter? the only point of contention with me is the 10 years 11 songs
9:50 PM
JCP001: 7″ b-sides. please.
ioiiiioi: 4sure
ioiiiioi: Norm (from texas) is good friends with my partner
ioiiiioi: he hangs @ the studio every now and then
ioiiiioi: when he went to the reunion show in PA
ioiiiioi: he came back and said Lifetime set the bar for all reunion shows
ioiiiioi: i think they inspired them to do their show, IMO
JCP001: finger pointing poppunkhardcorey madness
ioiiiioi: but I think lifetime did one better than others
ioiiiioi: they put out a new album that rocks
JCP001: they were always an influential band for some reason. local heroes
JCP001: like the quicksand of jersey
ioiiiioi: haha. good one
JCP001: did you ever hear that zero zero record?
ioiiiioi: I have been listening to the record front to back since i got it
ioiiiioi: nothing but lifetime. it’s almost sickening
9:55 PM
JCP001: i even busted out the older records
ioiiiioi: it’s become my coffee
ioiiiioi: just to hear a band that i used to really like…finally recorded well
ioiiiioi: it’s a treat
JCP001: i agree. i listened to it because I wanted to not just because i was going to review it
ioiiiioi: i’m not too sure it’s just nostalgia either
ioiiiioi: if i just heard this record on it’s own
ioiiiioi: and nothing was before it, or I never knew of “lifetime” I would still be rocking it
ioiiiioi: I gave it to my brother (17)
ioiiiioi: knows nothing of lifetime – He loved it!
JCP001: did he skate to it?
ioiiiioi: halo2 and WoW to it
ioiiiioi: he did say sounds like a modern NoFX
ioiiiioi: but loves it
JCP001: nofx sounds like a modern nofx
10:00 PM
ioiiiioi: he likes punk in drublic
ioiiiioi: i have a 94 time play count on airport monday morning already
JCP001: you can get this record and the fall out boy one we crapped on for $17 from the fueled by ramen webstore.
ioiiiioi: fall out boy sucks so bad, i’m glad u crapped on it
JCP001: people should just get this one and mix in their own jay-z intro
ioiiiioi: I heard that lifetime got boo’d on those Fall out boy tours
JCP001: they’re playing to 16yos
JCP001: who never went to a basement show hahaha
ioiiiioi: that’s why this new record pwns
ioiiiioi: they jumped back into it with a great record
ioiiiioi: not just any band can do that
ioiiiioi: and it’s the combination of people that make it great
ioiiiioi: u hear some other stuff from members and it’s decent
ioiiiioi: kid dynamite . etc
ioiiiioi: but lifetime comes together and shit…lookout
JCP001: i liked them. paint it black not so much.
10:05 PM
ioiiiioi: kid D is good. but it’s no lifetime
ioiiiioi: IMO
JCP001: at least they gave you 19 songs in 20 minutes
ioiiiioi: that they did
ioiiiioi: next record review let’s make sure it sucks!!! so i can be nasty and sarcastic
JCP001: what do you hate?
ioiiiioi: i’m trying to reach for one here..but this record is too good for me to go there
JCP001: clap you hands and say yeah make me want to punch faces
ioiiiioi: except I think ari needs to get off the trim-spa
ioiiiioi: but thin is in these days, so It’s hip with the kids
JCP001: at least they’re not fat guys bringing it back. fatcore
10:10 PM
ioiiiioi: NJFC
JCP001: you forgot the x’s
ioiiiioi: it’s all about the KFC
ioiiiioi: or just the sides for the vegetarians out there
JCP001:5star.jpg ioiiiioi:5stars.jpg


This is a “Guest Review” I did with my buddy Vin. They’ll happen from time to time. Guest reviews be noted as such in the category under the post title. – Jeff

ioiiiioi: new lifetime record..u like?
JCP001: haven’t heard it
JCP001: is the whole thing out?
ioiiiioi: not yet
ioiiiioi: i fucking love it
JCP001: really? huh
ioiiiioi: yeah. i do
ioiiiioi: like wood elves”’
ioiiiioi: lol
ioiiiioi: lmao
JCP001: I have moments
ioiiiioi: Punk Rock Millionaires with coke up their nose
Writing records in designer homes
ioiiiioi: one of the lyrics
JCP001: nice
ioiiiioi: out of all of the “reunion” emo scene these days
ioiiiioi: IMO
ioiiiioi: the only band that had progressed
ioiiiioi: = lifetime
JCP001: hm
ioiiiioi: not jsut playing old songs for a few bucks
ioiiiioi: but..hey..
ioiiiioi: we still got it
JCP001: true dat
ioiiiioi: we got tix for the bowery
ioiiiioi: 2/10/07
ioiiiioi: hammerstien was 35 bucks
ioiiiioi: = fuck that
JCP001: I mean, do you REALLY want to see them with fallout boy and nfg?
ioiiiioi: nope not @ all
JCP001: i’d kill a kid
ioiiiioi: haha. tru
ioiiiioi: they are also throwing an OLD school show
ioiiiioi: @ middlesex college for 5 bucks
ioiiiioi: but not sure when
JCP001: christine beaton just creamed her panties
ioiiiioi: lol
ioiiiioi: u like?
JCP001: sounds like lifetime
ioiiiioi: yup
JCP001: the songs are good. still can’t understand a fucking word ari says
ioiiiioi: haha. i kno
ioiiiioi: i like em
ioiiiioi: sounds like lifetime
ioiiiioi: but something there
ioiiiioi: that gives it a fresh sound
JCP001: i don’t dislike them
ioiiiioi: i’m thinking back now
ioiiiioi: were u ever into lifetime?
ioiiiioi: i was kinds 70-30
ioiiiioi: back in the day
ioiiiioi: kinda
ioiiiioi: but over time they grew on me
ioiiiioi: then the new tunes hit
JCP001: yeah i was but i never got the mania they induced
ioiiiioi: /same
ioiiiioi: @ the time i could name a dozen better “Punk” bands
JCP001: i’d be pissed that they’d put out 12 songs that clocked in at under 23 minutes even though i never actually bought the records
ioiiiioi: now that’s a negative ink quote!
ioiiiioi: Lifetime = New record
ioiiiioi: i cannot believe i spent 12 bucks for a record that is 12 minutes long
ioiiiioi: their myspace has alot of trafffic
ioiiiioi: well traffic for the mini HC emo scene
ioiiiioi: it’s not chemical romance
ioiiiioi: but u know
JCP001: they were more of a regional band
ioiiiioi: yupp
ioiiiioi: doing the bon jovi jersey thing
JCP001: exactly. people in ca are like “who?”
JCP001: 3stars.jpg ioiiiioi: 5stars.jpg