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JCP001: we need to do a new post soon. 2006 review thing
JCP001: i think there’s like 2 records i liked this year
onelastcigarette: can we have it that short cause im feeling the same way
JCP001: what records?
onelastcigarette: i dont even know
onelastcigarette: brand new, um
onelastcigarette: i liked the new decemberists album
JCP001: yeah, i still need to get that
onelastcigarette: the album the game put out was pretty sick but was still shitty and dissapointing compared to the other recrd
JCP001: the decemberists guitarist did a guitar duel on the colbert report
onelastcigarette: theyre supposedly a bunch of pathetic retards who dress up like the civil war and think theyre cool
JCP001: didn’t hear that either
JCP001: the decemberists?
JCP001: yeah. i wasn’t big on their last record
onelastcigarette: yeah
onelastcigarette: neither was I
JCP001: they’re like wood elves
JCP001: TV on the radio is on my list though.
onelastcigarette: oh right. i didnt listen to their record much but the song they did on conan sounded excellent [I was planning on linking this to the performance I found on YouTube a few days ago, but it looks like NBC had it taken down. It was pretty excellent, by the way.-JP001]
onelastcigarette: he seemed psyched too
JCP001: probably wolf like me
JCP001: but yeah, the record is good
JCP001: hopefully 2007 won’t be a weak year.
JCP001: oh i liked the sspu record and the radiohe– i mean thom yorke one too
onelastcigarette: i liked a couple of other tings that i dont even feel like mentioning
onelastcigarette: i dont even feel like we liked enough watered down shitty music to make a year in review
JCP001: true. speaking of shitty music, i want to listen to that gwen stefani record. i know it will suck but i want to. like a moth drawn to a flame covered turd.
JCP001: that was the gayest thing i’ve said all year. kill me.
onelastcigarette: i have nothing to add to that.
JCP001: y’know, i rediscovered a lot of old bands i liked in the past this year than listened to new shit
onelastcigarette: me too
onelastcigarette: thats all there was to do
onelastcigarette: i give 2006 2 pointing fingers
JCP001: me too
onelastcigarette: bye
JCP001: later
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